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On the face of it, you may be under the impression that installing an EV charging station is something of an easy process. After-all, all that you need to do is get in touch with a firm that has proven itself time-and-again to be proficient in the art of EV charger installations. However, before you get ahead of yourself you need to make a decision on what type of electric charging point you want to purchase. Thankfully, there is no need to panic – the Vital EV Solutions team are here to guide you through the most-popular units, and why they are so sought-after.

C-Series Cabinet

First to make it onto this list is the C-Series Cabinet unit; from the moment that you lay eyes on this, you will recognise that this is not designed to be deployed as a home charger. Instead, this is the perfect investment for anyone that wants to have the capacity to charge multiple electric cars at their place of work. Regardless of this is targeted at your outside individuals or members of your firm, you can be rest-assured that this will not let you down.


From a visual standpoint, you might not think too-much of the T-Series charger. It is, by far-and-away, the smallest unit to feature on this list. That being said, it still has a major part to play in proceedings. Being able to offer facilities that can charge an electric car when you are far-away from mains electrical supplies is a major selling-point, and one that can almost-guarantee an influx of brand-new customers. Should you be planning on hosting an event, this is the unit that you need in your set-up.


When you are browsing through home charge points, it is understandable that you will want for the unit in question to be compact, yet still maintain a reasonable charging rate. You will undoubtedly be happy to hear that the S-Series charger matches this description perfectly. Once it is hooked up to your property’s electric system, you will subsequently have no-trouble keeping your vehicle charged and ready-to-go at a moment’s notice. Also, you don’t have to pay through the roof for the privilege, which should come as music to your ears.


When it comes to finding units that are well-suited for car parks and similar types of locations, you needn’t look any further than the C-Station. Although this, at first glance, might look slightly similar to the aforementioned C-Series, this is considerably smaller, which has a huge impact on the overall price of the unit. Even when you factor in the installation cost, you are still looking at being able to turn a profit in a relatively short space of time. It would also be unwise to overlook the speed at which this can help a vehicle to reach full charge.

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Whether you are a homeowner that would like a company to come-in and install a home charging station, or you are a business that wishes to reap the rewards from a public charging point, you can be certain of one thing. If you were to elect to solicit the services of Vital EV Solutions, it would not take long for a smile to break-out across your face. 

Over the years, we have completed numerous installation processes, hence why our understanding of electric vehicles and car charging points are second-to-none. Think that you would like to pursue getting a charging point installed, but need a few questions answered before you pull the trigger? If so, your best-bet at reaching us quickly would be to call us on 02475 096760.