4 Ways to Keep Your EV Charging Point Well-Maintained

Even after you factor in the OLEV Grant which you can receive from the government, the fact remains that electric car charging points are still relatively expensive. The reason that we wish to point this out is because you will no-doubt want to protect yourself from any situation that involves having to spend on repairs. Whether you are someone that possesses a home charge point, or you are trying to attract EV owners, there are a few pieces of preventative maintenance that you can take to safeguard your investment. Here to tell you a little more about these, are the Vital EV Solutions team. 

Keep Instructions Simple

This is a point that is predominantly aimed at companies that wish to offer EV charging next to street parking spots. Each-and-every day, you can expect your site to be frequented by a whole-host of different people. Some of these might not have made-use of a charging point in the past; the reason that we wish to point this out is because, without proper instruction, they may struggle to keep your equipment in perfect working order. Were you to take the time to compile a basic set of instructions, we promise that you will reap the rewards in the long-run.

Complete Manual Inspections

When you first take-receipt of your charging point, the contractor will likely advise you to try and strictly adhere to the maintenance schedule prescribed by the manufacturer. Whilst this is good advice, this does not mean that you can stand idly by the rest of the time. If you wish to be proactive, a good use of your time would involve conducting manual inspections. These will reveal problems, for instance, relating to your pin plug or external cables. By spotting these early-on, you can subsequently resolve them before they spiral out of control.

Test Your Units

In truth, the only way that you can be totally-sure that your charging station is working at optimal capacity is to test it for yourself. It does not matter if you are worried about the overall quality of your smart home charger, or the unit that you have in your business’ car park – completing semi-regular tests is a shrewd way to protect your EV charging point. There is specialist equipment that you can invest in that will make this process relatively straightforward.

Hire Professionals

If you want to take every-available precaution in order to keep your charging point operating in a first-class manner, you would be well within your rights to open a line of communication with professionals. A perfect example would be the contractors that initially took care of the installation process. They will have a well-rounded understanding of how your charger is meant to work, and can easily offer tips and tricks regarding maintenance. 

What Happens Next?

As you can see, there are plenty of ways, following on from getting your charging point installed, that you can keep it in top-tier condition. If you have not-yet reached that stage, and are actually on the lookout for a firm that can assist you with your car charger installation, you are in luck – Vital EV Solutions is here to help. 
Regardless of if you are looking to charge an electric car outside of your property, or wish to get a charging cable fitted outside of your place of work, we will have no-trouble catering to your needs. Our expertise in this industry is second-to-none, and you can find out for yourself what we have to offer by writing to our specialists directly at [email protected].