Deciding Which Type Of Commercial EV Charging Station To Install

There is no denying that it is becoming much more common for drivers to purchase electric vehicles (EVs) when they upgrade from their current petrol or diesel car and it is likely that very soon, people driving EVs will no longer be the minority. With this huge surge in the popularity of EVs comes the increased need for EV charging stations and, for this reason, many businesses are considering installing a charging network on their premises.

Whether you have an EV fleet or you’re simply wanting to provide charging facilities to employees who own EVs, it is fair to say that it is incredibly beneficial to install charging stations and you will be futureproofing your company. Of course, when deciding to do so, you will need to choose which type of commercial charging station to install and this is probably the biggest and most important decision to make. So, to help, we have looked into the different options available in more detail below. 

Slow chargers 

This is one of the most commonly chosen options for home charging stations and as the name suggests, they require the longest amount of time to charge an electric vehicle. Generally speaking, an EV will be fully charged within six to twelve hours with this charger. 

Depending on the normal shift patterns of your staff and how long they tend to be on the business premises for, this might not be a suitable option. You may also find that it isn’t particularly beneficial to visitors. However, if you’re going to be charging your EV fleet overnight, then it is a brilliant option to consider. 

Fast chargers 

This is another step up in terms of how fast a vehicle will charge when using a station. Whilst charging times will differ depending on the make and model of a vehicle, you can expect an EV to be fully charged within around three to five hours when using this charger.

For many business owners, this will be their first choice when choosing which commercial EV charging station to install. It is usually seen as a happy medium and will usually enable staff to fully charge their vehicle whilst they’re on the premises. Also, fast chargers tend to be compatible with most electric cars and vans, which is also very helpful. 

Rapid chargers 

This is undeniably the most efficient way of charging an EV and many are shocked as to how quickly a rapid charger will top up their battery. The majority of EVs will be charged to 80% in around as little as thirty minutes. 

Lots of public charging stations, especially in places such as motorway service stations, will use rapid chargers, simply because it is the most convenient solution for people when they’re out and about. However, it isn’t necessarily the best choice for business premises due to the fact that not all EVs support rapid charging options.

Smart chargers

This is a slightly different type of commercial EV charging station to install, but it is still worthwhile considering. Essentially, smart chargers provide an innovative solution whereby the plugged-in vehicle will charge when the grid is least in demand. 

These are popular amongst business owners because the charging stations can monitor, manage and restrict the use of charging devices to optimise energy consumption. That being said, they might not be the best choice if your team only works from 9 am until 5 pm, but if you have shifts running through the night and at off-peak times, they’re worth looking into further. 

Installing commercial EV charging stations

Hopefully, you will now know a little bit more about the different types of EV charging stations you have to choose from. Of course, there is no right or wrong answer to which you should install and it is important to think about your individual needs and requirements when deciding which would be best suited to your business premises. You may find that it is beneficial to speak to an experienced company about things in more detail before making your decision.

Here at Vital EV Solutions, we have been assisting businesses with their EV charging stations for many years now and we can provide you with a fully consultative approach. You can trust that we will work closely with you to find the right solution for your company’s needs and you are guaranteed unrivalled customer care from our expert consultants. Of course, we will gladly design and install your preferred EV charging stations for you too and we can assure you that from start to finish you can always rely on us.