Elaborating On The Cost Of EV Charger Installations

When an individual wishes to charge an electric car, they will recognise that they will need to pay a fee, due to the fact that they are relying on someone else’s power supply. If you are an owner of a business which resides in a location that has heavy traffic, you might wish to begin exploring the possibility of getting an EV charging station installed. In case you are worried about the expenses that are involved, allow Vital EV Solutions to break down the situation for you.


Once you have decided that you would like to focus your energies on acquiring a top-of-the-range EV charger, there are various actions that you need to take. First-and-foremost, you will want to create enough spaces for this to be a convenient option for your customers. This could involve laying fresh paving, and allocating additional bays. Not only this, but you will want to converse with your mains supplier, and potentially negotiate a new contract. Both of these actions will, as you would expect, cost money.

Government Assistance

In case you were worried that you would have to foot the bill for the charging station by yourself, we are here to tell you that this could not be further from the truth. Having first been implemented in 2016, the Workplace Charging Scheme is designed to drastically reduce the financial burden experienced by companies. The reason for this is that the government wishes for companies to begin adapting, in order to make a sustainable future more-likely.

Choosing Your Model

Whilst the difference in price between AC units and those which run on DC are not enormous, there is still enough of a gap to warrant a mention. If you would like your charging cables to run at optimal level for prolonged periods, DC could be the way forward – it has demonstrated itself to be the most-efficient option. That being said, AC can ensure that charge times are kept as low as possible.

Home Charging Stations

To finish with, we believe it is worthwhile elaborating on the options available to EV owners on a personal level. If you are looking for a way in which to circumvent the large charges associated with regular refueling stations, you might like to get a smart charger for your home. This will subsequently allow you to charge your car overnight – not only is this good from a convenience perspective, but it can also save you money as time goes by. Once again, the government actively encourages this; we advise that you look into the OLEV grant if you are serious about this course of action.

Vital EV Solutions – Here To Help

Are you starting to understand the numerous benefits that could be enjoyed were you to offer public charging stations at your business headquarters, and wish to begin pursuing this? After looking into the possibility of government grants, do you think that the cost of installing a charging network is affordable in your current situation? To those of you that are able to relate to these scenarios, allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Vital EV Solutions.

In comparison with other firms that operate in this industry, we take great pride in our skills as charge point installers. Understanding the way that electric supplies work, and subsequently providing top-tier advice regarding the best way to integrate EV charging points into your existing set-up, is something that we do on a daily basis. Should you have any questions that you would like us to address, please feel free to write to us using our website’s enquiry form; alternatively, you can give us a call directly on 02475 096760.