Electric Cars: Common Assumptions That Aren’t True

When they were first released, electric vehicles were met with a significant amount of praise – after-all, they were heralded as an invention of the future, and would one day replace conventional cars that ran on petrol and diesel. Unfortunately, they have encountered numerous speed bumps along the way; during their development, a number of myths have been spread which have damaged their reputation. Here to set the record straight, and hopefully make you see that purchasing an electric vehicle would be a positive investment, are the Vital EV Solutions team.  

1. They have poor range

Upon release, a major issue surrounding electric vehicles is that their range was dreadful – after an hour or two, you would be forced to connect to a charging cable. Depending on the charging rate, it could be a significant amount of time before you could take to the roads again. Thankfully, the manufacturers sought to address this as soon as possible, and the results that they have achieved since this have been nothing short of monumental successes. Now, you can drive on the open road for miles on end, without having to waste any time seeking out a smart charger. 

2. Their aesthetics are lacking

Arguably the best-selling electric car at the start of this movement was the Nissan Leaf. Hailed as something of a game-changer, there was a drawback that some people still, to this day, talk about. Namely, this relates to the awful visuals; the chassis was not much to look at, especially when directly compared to high-end models coming from the likes of BMW and Audi. However, these manufacturers have recently looked to cash-in on the electric vehicle hype. When you look at the BMW i8 and Audi e-tron, you will see that aesthetics are no-longer a problem.

3. The initial price is astronomical

If the main reason that you have been reluctant to buy an electric vehicle is in relation to its price-tag, we are thrilled to be the ones to inform you that this is a problem that has been left in the past. Even prestigious brands, such as Tesla, have looked to do everything in their power to reduce the costs experienced by consumers. Similarly, home chargers have seen their prices fall, meaning that the running costs aren’t considered to be unreasonable.

4. They’re not particularly fast

For those of you that were concerned that taking journeys in your electric car would take an extended period of time, allow us this opportunity to soothe these fears. The engines in these vehicles have been refined over the years, to the point where they are incredibly efficient. If you are someone that loves to enjoy the thrill associated with driving fast, you can be rest-assured that an electric car won’t let you down.

Our Services Explained

If you are starting to see that, in actual fact, there are countless reasons that you should purchase an electric car as your next vehicle, it could be worthwhile investigating the possibility of getting a home charging point installed. This, in case you didn’t know, is hooked up to your property’s electricity supply. Once the charger installation is complete, you will subsequently be able to charge your car at home – the convenience that this brings to the table is incredible. For this process to be completed in a smooth fashion, you need to find a company that is proficient in electric car charger home installations. To find out why Vital EV Solutions is the firm that you should turn-to, we suggest that you call us today on 02475 096760.