Electric Vehicle Myths That You Need To Forget About

From the moment that electric vehicles came into the public eye, there were certain individuals that were convinced that these were the way of the future. Unfortunately, another portion of society believed that they were an unnecessary development, and as such went out of their way to circulate myths and rumors which were damaging to the electric car community. Here at Vital EV Solutions, we believe that it is our duty to clear the air, and provide some much-needed clarity on this incredibly important subject.

Their range was sub-par

In the beginning, it was certainly true that one of the major pitfalls usually associated with electric vehicles, was in relation to their range. More specifically, due to the poor performance levels of their battery, it was impossible to undertake longer journeys without having to factor in numerous stops along the way. You will undoubtedly be pleased to hear that this is an obstacle which has subsequently been addressed. Provided you purchase from a leading supplier, you can expect to enjoy a range, in some instances, of more than five hundred miles.

They’re slower than their fossil-fuel counterparts

When electric cars first began to emerge onto the market, it was a well-known fact that they could not demonstrate the level of efficiency that was on display with traditional vehicles than ran on petrol or diesel. This was to be expected – they were an innovative new product, and were never going to be perfect. In recent years, the time and money that has been spent developing electric vehicles has certainly paid dividends. If you were to look at the Tesla Model S, you would notice that it can reach sixty miles per hour, from a standing start, in less than two seconds.

New models are scarce

This was, in times gone by, perhaps the most damaging rumour to be circulated in regards to electric vehicles. People would look at such options as the Nissan Leaf and the Smart EQ, and feel as if they were regressing from a design standpoint. As such, they would take their search for a new car elsewhere. Thankfully, this is no longer a problem; if you were to take some time looking through the manufacturers which now create electric cars, you would notice such high-profile brands as BMW and Jaguar.

Charging times are unfeasible

There will certainly be some people reading this that remain under the impression that electric vehicle charging times are excessive, and this is why they are not considered to be a viable option. This is a matter that we are pleased to straighten out. If you were to invest in a home charger, you would subsequently be able to plug your vehicle in overnight – this will ensure that when the time comes to take to the road, your car will be ready and waiting.

Who Are We?

If the points mentioned above have convinced you that now could be the time to look into the possibility of purchasing an electric vehicle, it is also important that you source a car charger supplier that can provide you with a convenient method of charging. In this type of instance, you need look no further than Vital EV Solutions. With a vast range of EV chargers within our collection, we take great pride in acting as both a supplier and installer, something which few of our competitors can profess to match. Those of you that would like to get a quote for one of our products can either write to us at [email protected], or call us on 02475 096760.