EV Charging Rumours: Everything that You Need to Know

Since their release, there has been much uproar in relation to EV charging points. Some have heralded them as game-changers, as they can assist the country as a whole in reducing its carbon emissions. Other people have a completely different view on the matter. Myths and rumours are abundant, hence why Vital EV Solutions wishes to take this opportunity to educate you on the reality of the situation.

EV Chargers don’t Function Properly in the Rain

Due to the nature of electric charging systems, one of the myths that is routinely circulated is about the way that they struggle to function when the weather is bad. This, it has to be said, could not be further from the truth. During the design process, specialists have taken into account the fact that the UK’s climate is unpredictable. This means that the charging stations that you find scattered across the country are more-than equipped to deal with a spot of rain. This ensures that you can leave your electric vehicle to charge, safe in the knowledge that it will be fully-charged by the time that you return.

The Charging Process is Drawn out

If you were concerned that charging your electric car at a public charging station would eat-up hours of your day, allow us to put your fears to rest. Since their surge in popularity, manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to drastically improve the efficiency of their units. The knock-on effect of this is that fast-charging stations have been developed, to the delight of the EV community. The fact that these can be deployed as both home charging points and in public environments is something of an added bonus.

The Units are Too-Expensive to Use

Should you take it upon yourself to chat to any accomplished EV charging manufacturer, one of the first things that they will look to straw your attention to is the reduced costs that users will be subjected to. First-and-foremost, electric car charging points fitted at domestic properties are connected directly to the mains supply, thus greatly offsetting the expenses that you are forced to deal with. When you directly compare the costs of petrol and diesel with electricity, it will become clear which is more financially-viable.

There aren’t Many Chargers in the UK

It is fair to say that, in the past few years, there has been major investment in relation to improving the UK’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure. When they were first released, it is true that there were some issues in relation to finding chargers. However, with more-and-more people looking at potentially purchasing an electric car, the government understood that the landscape needed to be changed. Now, a quick look on the Internet will reveal a wealth of charging stations in your near vicinity.

A Word About Vital EV Solutions

Hopefully, you are now starting to see that there are EV charging solutions for everyone; whatsmore, you can clearly recognise that some of the so-called ‘pitfalls’ that have been discussed over the years are nothing more than just rumours. In reality, you can charge your car with ease – the convenience that you can enjoy is certainly not something that you should overlook.

If you are contemplating purchasing an electric car, and subsequently think that you would be well-served by a home charging point, now would be the optimal time to give the Vital EV Solutions team a call on 02475 096760. We have proven time-and-again to be a leading authority in this industry. Not only that, but our services are cost-effective, meaning that you can easily keep your financial situation stable.