Events That Can Benefit from Mobile EV Charging Stations

Back when Electric Vehicles first became popular, one of the only options to recharge them was at traditional fuelling stations.

Luckily the landscape has dramatically changed to a point where we now have rapid moveable chargers available, transforming the perception of EVs being a hassle to charge.

Here at Vital EV we have established ourselves as one of the most reputable suppliers of rapid movable charging stations in the country.

Our mobile EV chargers have transformed charging infrastructure, providing convenient and rapid charging solutions for electric vehicles. With these portable devices, you no longer need to worry about battery life or the overall experience of charging your electric vehicle. Our mobile charging stations offer flexibility and accessibility, for your events.

Our EV chargers are perfect for a wide range of events. They are particularly well-suited for music festivals, where they can increase foot traffic and ensure that attendees have access to charging stations for their mobile devices. Sporting events also benefit from our event charging solutions, allowing spectators and participants to conveniently charge their electric vehicles.

Our fast-charging models ensure you can quickly recharge your electric vehicle and allow your guests to enjoy the event.

Music Festivals

Music festivals have a large attendance, and a large percentage of these attendees will drive electric vehicles.

Having charging stations available at these events will encourage EV drivers to attend, reducing range anxiety and giving your guests extra peace of mind. It will also encourage the use of EVs as a mode of transport to and from the event which will have a positive impact on the environment.

Vehicle Presentations

Events That Can Benefit from Mobile EV Charging Stations

As a car dealer, showcasing the benefits and key features of electric vehicles is paramount to generating sales. For example, if you are presenting an EV for prospective customers, they can view for themselves the ease of using an EV charger and the speed it takes to charge. By investing in a short-term EV charger rental, you will be able to best showcase the benefits and increase sales opportunities.

For the last two years, Vital EV has been the official charging partner of the Company Car In Action show. We ran a bespoke raid charging hub which was used by all manufacturers to charge their electric vehicles ready for consumer test driving.

Business Conferences

Business conferences and corporate events can draw huge crowds of people. With a lot of business users opting for EVs to reduce the BIK tax on their company cars there will be a big demand for charging stations at these types of events.

Construction Sites

There are a growing number of construction machinery which are running entirely on electric power. If you are running a construction site with electric vehicles, temporary charging stations could be the perfect solution for you. They will stop any unexpected and unnecessary delays to works should the vehicle be low on charge. Once your project is complete you can return the EV charger.

How Can We Be Of Assistance?

Events That Can Benefit from Mobile EV Charging Stations

As EVs become more and more popular, the demand for mobile EV charging stations has slowly but surely increased. There are now plenty of options on the market.

That being said, not all EV chargers are of the same quality, meaning that you need to be wary as to who you choose to put your faith in. Here at Vital EV Solutions, we take great pride in having state-of-the-art mobile charging stations that are renowned for their ability to rapidly charge electric cars. If your goal is to attract EV drivers to your event, adding the ability for them to charge their vehicles is the way to go.

If you have any questions about our mobile chargers, please contact us today

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an electric vehicle charge?

Electric vehicles charge by connecting them to a charging station or an electrical outlet. The electricity is transferred to the vehicle’s battery, where it is stored for later use.

What is a mobile charging station?

A mobile charging station is a portable unit that can be deployed to various locations to provide charging capabilities for electric vehicles. It allows EV drivers to charge their vehicles rapidly and conveniently, even in areas without fixed charging infrastructure.

Why would I need a mobile charging station?

A mobile charging station offers flexibility and convenience. It allows you to charge your electric vehicle wherever you are, whether you’re attending an event, travelling to a remote location, or don’t have access to a fixed charging station.

How fast can a mobile charging station charge my electric vehicle?

The charging speed of a mobile charging station can vary depending on the model and power capacity. The speed of your charge also depends on how much power your vehicle can take! At Vital EV, we specialise in rapid DC charging solutions. Our movable chargers all benefit from DC charging, providing a rapid charging solution wherever you are.

Can I request a mobile charging station for a specific event?

Absolutely! At Vital EV Solutions we offer services for event charging. You can request a mobile charging station to be deployed at your desired location, ensuring that attendees have access to convenient charging options.

Are movable charging stations suitable for outdoor events?

Yes, movable charging stations are well-suited for outdoor events. They are designed to be weather-resistant and can be set up in various outdoor locations, providing charging services to electric vehicle owners attending the event.

How can I request the services of Vital EV Solutions for a specific event?

To request our mobile charging station services for your event, you can visit our website or contact our customer service team. We will guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary information to make your event a success with convenient EV charging options.