Everything You Need to Know About Home EV Charger Installation in the UK

With more and more electric cars being released by major car manufacturers every single year, there is a growing number of electric vehicle drivers on the roads in the UK. As a result, there is also a booming demand for home charging units. Many people want the ability to charge their vehicle from their own home, and do so in the most efficient, cost-effective and reliable way possible. 

If you are interested in the possibilities of home EV charger installation in the UK, then Vital EV Solutions has put together this short guide to help you. We will answer the big questions, and take you through every single aspect of the home charger installation process. Read on below to find out all you need to know. 

Important Factors to Consider

When it comes to getting a home EV charger, there’s a few things you absolutely must consider. First of all, a huge factor to ponder is power. You will want to work out how much power you need to obtain from a home EV charger, so that your vehicle has enough to be fully topped up and operational on the roads for a decent amount of time. 

Moreover, it’s also vital that you think about the cost of installation. Costs of installing a home charger can vary, especially if you decide to add additional EV charger features to your system. Therefore, it’s crucial that you have a firm budget in mind, and you make sure you stick to it too. In actual fact, in some cases you can also still get a government grant to help you pay – so it’s worth exploring this area too. 

Furthermore, if you are mulling over a home EV charger installation, then it’s essential that you check you meet a few criteria. Namely, you need to have dedicated off-street parking, a Wi-Fi connection at your domestic property, a home in mainland Great Britain and permission from your landlord if you’re renting. If all of these are met, then you’ve got the green light to proceed with an installation at home. 

Of course, it’s important that you have the right amount of space for your home EV charger. These systems do take up space, and you need to be able to close to a power source too. If you’ve got a garage, then that’s brilliant as you’ll be able to install your charger near the garage and you’ll be protected from the weather.

How Can Vital EV Solutions Help you?

Should you be interested in having an EV charger at home, then Vital EV Solutions can assist you with installation. We have a long, successful track record in delivering installation projects on-time and meeting our clients’ budgets. Our team has unparalleled experience, knowledge and a comprehensive skill set, so we can confidently adapt to your specific needs. From initial site design to final installation, we will be on-hand to assist you at every stage of the project. 

Following installation, our specialists can also help you with round-the-clock servicing and maintenance. We’re on-hand 24/7 365 days a year, so whenever you need us, we’ll dispatch a trained member of staff to resolve your issues and get your home EV charger back operating to its maximum potential. 

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