How Could Your Employee’s Benefit From Having An EV Charging Station At Work?

Across the country, more-and-more business owners are coming to the realisation that if they have already taken the step of buying an electric car, the next step should entail investing in a charging point for their domestic property. These are normally connected to your mains electricity supply, and offer a hassle-free alternative to attempting to source a charging station that is both local and cheap. As a company with extensive experience in supplying these units, Vital EV Solutions’ specialists are happy to elaborate on the advantages that you could be privy to.

More convenient time-wise

If you are already in possession of an electric vehicle, you will be well-aware of the stress and anxiety that can be incurred whilst on the road, and being unsure of where the closest car charging point is. Thankfully, there is an extremely simple solution to this, in the form of investing in a work charge point. This effectively allows you and your employees to leave your vehicle to reach full-charge overnight, meaning that you will constantly have access to full-range. Should you be someone that commutes on a daily basis, this could prove to be a prudent move.

Quicker charge times

Although you may not realise it, in comparison to the ports that you find at typical fuel stations, the charger installations provided to commercial properties are significantly more efficient. As a general rule of thumb, work chargers include technical features that can ensure that you achieve full-charge in under an hour. This level of performance is drastically improved upon that which features at pod points at street parking locations, and is surely an incentive to invest as soon as possible.

Safer solution

There are countless reasons that people regard charging points as a safer alternative to using those at, for example, public facilities. No longer will you be forced to leave your vehicle unattended for prolonged periods of time, during which you leave yourself open to the possibility of being robbed. 

How can we be of assistance?

Do you have your heart set upon investing in an EV charging point installation, but are unsure of which firm is capable of doing so in a proficient manner? Have you been trying to locate a replacement charging cable, but as of yet have been left empty-handed? If you find yourself in either of these scenarios, you will be delighted to hear that Vital EV Solutions is here to help. When it comes to providing facilities that can charge an electric car, our services are second-to-none in terms of quality. If you have a query that you would like to address before moving forward, we suggest completing and submitting the enquiry form situated on our website’s contact page – we look forward to hearing from you.