How To Get Your Own EV Charging Station Installed

On the face of it, you may feel as if the process involved in acquiring an EV charging station is one that is incredibly drawn out; whilst this may have been the case in times gone by, the reality of the situation at present is significantly less-daunting. Provided that you enlist the help of a company which is proficient in this sector, such as VItal EV Solutions, you should encounter no difficulties along the way. As experts in this field, we are glad to offer an insight into what the process entails.

The Workplace Charging Scheme

For those of you that have your heart set upon obtaining an EV charging network at your corporate headquarters, we are delighted to inform you that the government fully endorses this particular move. It is for this reason that they have introduced the WCS, or Workplace Charging Scheme. In essence, this looks to give companies a maximum of £350 per station; there is a maximum number that this can apply to, and currently this is 20. By taking advantage of this, you can acquire a greater number of products, whilst not adversely affecting your finances.


Whilst you may have heard different types of currents mentioned in the past, the likelihood is that you won’t have a comprehensive understanding as to what the differences are. To put it simply, DC (Direct Current) is praised for the efficient manner that it can charge vehicles in, whilst AC (Alternating Current) is the more widely-used type, due to the increased level of performance that it can reach. Regardless of which you decide to have your chargers run on, the results will be first-class, courtesy of the high-end engineering that features in the units. 

Permanent Or Temporary

Prior to making your final decision, there is one question that you must take into consideration. It revolves around whether or not you would like your charging points to be permanent fixtures within your car park, or if you would like to try things out on a temporary basis. Should you opt for the latter, a mobile station could be the solution that you have been looking for. However, we advise that if you wish to enjoy long-term benefits, you dive in with a permanent commercial installation.

The OLEV Grant

Here at Vital EV Solutions, we believe that it is our duty to provide some much-needed context and explanation regarding the OLEV Grant. Contrary to popular belief, this can not be used when trying to get a charging point installed at corporate premises. This is a scheme, introduced by the government, that looks to offset the expenses faced by those who want their electric vehicles charged at home. This, however, is no-reason to be disheartened – in the grand scheme of things, your company will be able to enjoy a vast-array of benefits from setting-up a charging network.

What Can We Offer You?

Have you been investigating the possibility of getting a public charging point installed at your business premises, which you can then use to generate positive publicity? Would you like to be viewed as a viable alternative to traditional service stations, courtesy of the lower charge-rates that you offer? If you feel like these circumstances are applicable to you, the chances are that you would be well-suited to working alongside Vital EV Solutions.

When it comes to understanding the best ways in which to charge an electric car, we are the company that you need to turn to. We are in possession of fast chargers that simply cannot be matched in terms of their speed. Should you wish to educate yourself further about our services, we suggest that you visit the contact segment of our website. From here, you can get in touch with our fantastic representatives.