Questions You Need To Ask EV Charger Manufacturers

If you are someone that currently is in possession of an electric car, the chances are that you will now want to regularly attend a refuelling station, as this is simply inconvenient. Instead, you are better off purchasing a top-of-the-range EV charger; however, there are various factors that you need to take into consideration when looking for a potential supplier. Thankfully, you do not need to come to this decision alone – Vital EV Solutions has the expertise necessary to guide you through the questions that you need to ask.

Do they have mobile options?

Contrary to popular belief, EV chargers do not necessarily have to be permanent fixtures. There are now various units available for rental or purchase which can be set up in a quick-and-easy fashion, and subsequently deployed in remote locations. This can allow you, for example, to host outdoor events which can still entice electric vehicle users, as they will not have to worry about travelling for many hours only to find that there is no source of power to facilitate a recharge.

Can they provide residential installation services?

This is arguably the most important question that you need to keep in-mind when attempting to enlist the help of an EV charging point installer. As an owner of an electric vehicle, you need to try and optimise the level of convenience that you can enjoy, and this is where being able to ‘refuel’ your car overnight can prove to be invaluable. Rather than taking time out of your usual routine to visit a designated charging point, you can instead plug it in and go to bed, safe in the knowledge that when you wake up you will have access to full range.

Have they got commercial capabilities? 

Although you may not realise it, provided that your company is based in a suitable location, there is nothing stopping you from purchasing and installing a charging point to be installed within your car park. Firstly, this will be greatly appreciated by your employees, as it demonstrates your commitment to sustainable practices. However, what is even more important is the fact that this will flag up on electronic maps, meaning that you open yourself up to the possibility of receiving customers from far-and-wide. This financial boost may be just what you have been looking for.

Are they experienced?

Despite the fact that this is still regarded as an up-and-coming industry, this does not necessarily mean that you will want to entrust your needs with a business that is still finding its feet. Take, for instance, Vital EV Solutions – though we have only recently expanded into the world of electric vehicles, we have been operating as an energy supplier for close to forty years. The expertise that we have learnt during this time can be the difference between you being part of a pleasurable experience, and one that is full of grief and hassle.

What can we offer you?

Have you found yourself, on a daily basis, trying to source a company that manufactures and supplies EV charging points which are first-class in quality, yet cheap to purchase? Are you a company that wants to take advantage of public charging stations, in order to bring in supplementary income? 

As a company that has a reputation for acting as a retailer for electric vehicle charging points, you can be sure that Vital EV Solutions will have no issues in catering to your particular needs. Our team of charge point installers are renowned for their efficiency in the field, and it is now easier than ever to solicit our services. In order to get in touch, you simply need to write to us at [email protected] or call us on 02475 096760. We will subsequently do our best to help you in whatever way that we can.