Should You Entertain The Idea Of Purchasing An Electric Vehicle?

Since the turn of the century, there is no denying the fact that the world, as a whole, has seen some monumental changes. Whilst the majority of these have been positive, it is impossible to overlook the detrimental way that the environment has suffered. This is evidenced by, amongst other things, the rising global temperatures. However, there is still time to make a change. Case-and-point, electric vehicles are being touted as a vehicle for the future, and you can see for yourself why this is by reading through the thoughts of the Vital EV Solutions’ specialists down below.

Reduced maintenance costs

With traditional vehicles, you can expect your monthly expenses to consistently leave you out of pocket. Not only will you need to refuel on a regular basis, but you will also need to routinely purchase oil and filter cartridges in order to allow the engine to run optimally. However, these are not issues that you will be forced to face were you to keep an electric car at home. The running costs of these vehicles is significantly lower than their old-fashioned counterparts. For those of you worrying about the cost of getting a car charging point installed at home, we would like to direct your attention to the OLEV grant. This is designed to make EV chargers more widely-available to homeowners in the UK. 

Better quality journeys

In times gone by, many individuals perceived electric vehicles to be slow and cumbersome to operate; this is not to mention the fact that their range was only suitable for those residing in bustling cities. The time and effort which has been invested in developing these machines means that these problems no longer exist. If you were to take a look at any of Tesla’s models, for instance, you would see that they are capable of reaching top-speed in a matter of seconds, whilst their cornering abilities are also not to be ignored.

Lessens environmental impact

It would be impossible to talk about the advantages which electric vehicle’s exhibit without mentioning their sustainable nature. By using charging cables connected to mains electrical supplies, these present a viable alternative to fossil fuels. This means that we, as a population, can begin to drastically reduce the carbon emissions which we produce on a daily basis. Further down the line, the switch to green energy could prove to be invaluable.

Potential initial savings

Most people would argue that despite the various benefits which can be enjoyed from owning an electric vehicle, there is one major obstacle which stops them from reaching this point – namely, their initial price. Although this has certainly proven to be a major hang-up in the past, there are signs that this will cease to be the case in the near future. With regulations being implemented which mean that, from 2030, newly manufactured vehicles will be unable to have an engine which relies on fossil fuels. Therefore, expect to see prices slowly-but-surely decrease over the next few years.

Need some assistance?

Are you someone that has always made a conscious effort to try and minimise the damage that you cause to the environment, and now wish to take this one step further? Have you recently seen an electric car that you like the look of, but want to install an EV charging station before going through with the purchase? Here at Vital EV Solutions, we are pleased to be able to offer help to those that find themselves in the aforementioned circumstances.

From the moment that you reach out to us, we will endeavour to ensure that your experience is one that is free of hassle. Our installation process is famed to be one that is smooth-and-seamless, and we take great pride in this. For those of you with questions regarding our home charging points, or need to enquire about the installation costs involved, please either call us on 02475 096760, or write to us at [email protected]