Should You Install An EV Charger At Work?

Most people believe that purchasing and installing electric vehicle chargers is only worthwhile if you are the one that owns the vehicle – this simply is not the case. Across the country, companies, businesses, and charities have begun to discover the benefits associated with owning a workplace EC charge point. Having been supplying these types of units for an extended period, Vital EV Solutions is pleased to offer some insight as to why this course of action could be just what you have been looking for.

Appeals To Prospective Employees

When people are starting to scour the Internet for potential new jobs, it is not simply the job description itself that they pay attention to. Whilst this is certainly a major aspect of the process, it is also important to recognise that they will want to be aware of additional perks related to working for your company. Should you be in possession of an electric car charging point, you highlight that you are committed to sustainable practices, and are therefore a firm looking to the future.

Offers Alternative Income

Although you may not have realised it, there is an easy way in which to essentially negate the cost of installation for an electric vehicle charge point. When people hook their cars up to these, they have to pay a fee. Whilst this is certainly nowhere near as much as traditional refuelling, it still provides you with a secondary money-making scheme. In the long-run, you will see your firm drastically improve its financial returns, therefore making this investment one that is cost-effective.

Improves Public Recognition

A little known fact, in relation to electric charging stations, is that they show up on digital maps. This means that when people are attempting to source somewhere to recharge, your business and branding will appear. Should your organisation be one that is public-facing, this could be an opportunity to improve your awareness. The knock-on effect of this is that you may see a slow-but-sure rise in sales, which can be directly attributed to the purchase of the EV point.

Mobile Options Exist

For some organisations, it is not their permanent base from which they generate the majority of their income. If yours is a business which routinely moves from place-to-place, you may be interested to learn that there are now mobile charging stations which you can buy, or temporarily rent. The reason that this could help you is that by advertising that you are in possession of these installations, you can attract prospective customers from further afield. This, in turn, might help you to gain more publicity, and continue to grow as a firm – this should not be glossed over without further investigation.

Vital EV Solutions – Who Are We?

Would you like to invest in a scheme which month-after-month will provide you with solid returns, and subsequently bolster the finances of your firm? Do you find yourself exploring the possibility of purchasing a workplace charge point, and thus need assistance from a firm renowned for installing electric charging stations? For those of you that can relate to either of these scenarios, it is hard to think of a better company to work with than Vital EV Solutions. 

As our name suggests, our understanding of charging infrastructures and electric vehicle charging solutions is second-to-none. Whether you are part of an organisation investigating the idea of EV charge points next to street parking ports, or need help obtaining the OLEV grant scheme, we are here for you. To get the ball rolling, it may be worthwhile reaching out to our representatives via the contact information laid out on our website.