Taking a Look at The Most Common Event EV Charging Applications

As EV charging has continued to grow in popularity over the past few years, there has been an expansion in the number of uses for mobile EV charging stations. More and more individuals, companies and organisations are using mobile charging systems at their events, so that their attendees’ needs are met. 

Here at Vital EV Solutions, our team can provide clients with mobile EV fast-chargers for rental. We can deploy a ‘pop-up’ mobile charging station for a broad range of special occasions from entertainment events and music festivals to press launches and private events. If you are interested in the types of events that can benefit from an EV charging station, then read below to learn what Vital EV Solutions has to say on this matter. 

Promotional Vehicle Launches

One of the most popular events for EV charging is a vehicle launch event. If your brand or dealership is showcasing a new electric vehicle, then an excellent way to boost interest and excitement around your product is to showcase a mobile EV charging station as part of your presentation stand. Using an EV charger as part of our short-term rental service at your sales event, will attract new customers and demonstrate the superb benefits of purchasing an electric vehicle. It’ll increase the opportunity for you to make sales. 

Business Conferences

Business conferences typically feature speakers, guests and attendees from all over the world. They are international affairs that hundreds, if not thousands of people participate in. A terrific way to boost the attendance at your business conference is to rent a mobile EV charging station that caters to all the attendees who will be travelling to the event in an electric vehicle. With business conferences starting up again in 2022, it’s essential that you cover the growing number of vehicles that run on electric power. 

Music, Sports and Entertainment Events

Millions of people attend music festivals, sporting events and entertainment shows every single year in the UK. If you’re hosting an event that is going to have a big audience, then it’s very likely that a proportion of your audience will be driving an electric vehicle. So, what better way to keep your attendees happier than by providing a pop-up event charging station on your site. This will give people the chance to charge their vehicles with ease and efficiency, without having to worry about getting to and from your venue. 

Why Choose Vital EV Solutions?

Vital EV Solutions is one of the most respected, well-established firms around for event EV charging. We’ve been in the business for numerous years, so we’ve got unrivalled expertise, knowledge and insight. 

We can cover every aspect of mobile EV charging from basic equipment hire services to complete turn-key packages with installation on-site. Whatever your needs and requirements, our specialists are able to give you a one-stop solution that ticks the right boxes and matches your budget too. To learn more about the reasons why Vital EV Solutions excels in EV charging and some of the other applications, head over to our website today.

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