The Benefits of EV Charger Maintenance

If you’re looking for EV charger maintenance, then you found yourself in the right place because here at Vital EV, we can offer you high-quality maintenance. Your electric vehicle and all the accessories that come with it is an investment, an investment into the future of the planet and investment into low-cost, sustainable transport. As the UK’s leader in sales and servicing of rapid EV chargers, we can offer you a service that you can rely on, a service that will keep your charger functioning as it should for years to come. Honesty, integrity and passion and the cornerstones of our business and we’re proud of the reliability and the service that we provide. We have put together some pointers on why to invest in a maintenance service.

Leaders in the Industry

When it comes to EV charger maintenance, you want to work with someone who can offer you the quality care that your equipment needs. Your vehicle is your primary mode of transport, and you can’t afford for it to break down when you need it the most, especially as your power source is not easily replaced. If your charging point goes down, your vehicle goes down with it. 

Even with several businesses installing electric charges, there are not enough for you to rely on them. This is why you should work with our maintenance service, which is tailored to your charger and your needs. If you know that you’ll be using your vehicle, and by extension your charger, it’s worth carrying out rigorous servicing to ensure it is functioning as it should.

Work with Domestic and Commercial Customers

If you are a business that has installed electric charging points, for your customers or your employees or both, then we can offer you an excellent bi-annual service plan. This is important, particularly if you offer your charging points to your customers. Having electric vehicle charging points is a big draw for businesses, as customers will come to use the charging point and then potentially visit your business. 

Our bi-annual service consists of two service inspections per year, which can highlight any issues that your charges might be facing and head them off before they escalate into bigger problems. We would recommend that one of these services is a major service and inspection, and the other one is minor, as between the two of them all major issues will be caught.

Provide you with Quality Tech Support

If you have any questions or concerns about your EV charger, then you can call our technical support. Our technical support is available 24-hours a day 7-days a week across the whole country. So whatever questions you have, whenever you have them, you can get the support that you need. We can even send out our emergency response team, if you need them, to ensure that your charger is functioning and safe. 

We believe that you should treat your EV charger maintenance like an MOT, getting it done every year to ensure its usability. This is why we offer such comprehensive services for our work, to ensure that all of our customers get the most out of their EV charger. Why not get in touch with us today by giving us a call on +44 (0)2475 096760?