The BMW i8 – Everything You Need To Know

From the moment that you clap eyes on a BMW i8 coupe, you will undoubtedly appreciate the stunning visuals which it possesses. Each-and-every angle exhibits curves that other vehicles only wish they could have. However, this is far from being the only selling point of this incredible electric vehicle. For those of you that are interested to learn why this deserves to be in your collection, rather than an alternative electric car, you may wish to heed the words of wisdom provided by the Vital EV Solutions’ team of experts.

Excellent Range

In times gone past, one of the biggest negative aspects of buying an electric car is that due to the deficiencies found in electric-powered engines, range was a large issue. However, the improvements that have been made to charging cables, as well as the fine-tuning which has taken place within the engine itself, has meant that this problem is now a distant memory. In the case of the BMW i8, once fully charged you can expect to be able to travel nearly four hundred miles. This means that not only can it be used for short commutes, but also long-distance road trips.

Fantastic On-Road Performance

When you are spending a large sum of money on a vehicle, it is understandable that you will want it to impress when you finally get it onto the roads. Thankfully, you will not be left feeling disappointed when you unleash the full potential of the BMW i8. In slightly over four seconds, you can be charging down the motorway at more than sixty miles per hour, which is nothing short of incredible. Much of the acceleration capabilities can be attributed to the fact that this is a mid-engine vehicle, allowing for better distribution of power and weight.

Top-Tier Reputation

As most of you will no doubt be aware of, BMW is a manufacturer which has established a reputation for itself as being able to create vehicles which, to put it simply, are exceptional. With more than a century’s worth of experience under their belts, they are certainly not regarded as novices in this department. Their foray into the electric vehicle market is something that was met with such delight, as it meant that they were going to become introduced into mainstream society.

Incredibly Efficient

Though it may not possess a regular fuel tank, it is possible to work out how efficient the BMW i8 is in comparison to its combustion engine counterparts. 134 miles to the gallon, essentially, is something that is not seen very often in modern motor vehicles, and highlights the fact that this car is a feat of engineering. It is no wonder that, as of 2021, this is a highly desirable and sought-after model.

Why choose Vital EV Solutions?

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