The Business Benefits Of Installing EV Charging Points

As you’re probably aware, the UK Government plans to ensure that all new cars are electric by 2035. Of course, this means that new petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles will be phased out over the next fifteen years and because of this, it is likely that when purchasing a new vehicle, many will be considering an electric vehicle (EV). As you may expect, in order to keep up with the continually increasing demand of EV users, changes also need to be made to the current charging infrastructure.

To support the UK’s EV infrastructure growth, many businesses are now considering installing EV charging points at their premises and from hotels and shopping centres to offices and warehouses, having commercial EV charging stations is becoming much more common. If you have been thinking about installing EV charging points at your business premises but you’d like to know more about the benefits of doing so, keep reading today. 

Future proof your business 

It is likely that in the upcoming years, the Government will begin to put even more pressure on business to swap their fleet to EVs and by installing EV charging points now, you will be prepared for this. Over time, there will be a higher demand for the installation of these charge stations and you can avoid the rush and potential additional expense that the future holds. 

Encourage visitors to stay longer 

Not only can installing EV charging points bring visitors to your business and increase footfall, but they may also encourage people to stay for longer too. Depending on the type of chargers you install, it can take anywhere between half an hour to four hours to fully charge an EV and when wanting to take advantage of your chargers, visitors will then need to stay for longer. 

Reduce your carbon footprint

All businesses should be aware of their carbon footprint and it goes without saying that swapping to an EV fleet can make a huge difference in this regard. By installing EV charging points, you will also be sending a clear visible message to the world about where your business stands in relation to the environment and reducing the negative impact you’re having on it. 

Generate additional revenue 

Many businesses will install EV charging stations that drivers have to pay to use. You will essentially be selling electricity, in a similar way to how petrol stations sell diesel, and this can generate additional revenue for your business. Over time, the installation of these chargers will have paid for itself and you will then begin to make a profit from them.  

Support your employees’ needs

You will find that more and more of your employees will be changing their personal vehicles to EVs too and being able to support their charging needs is important. Providing charging points at work will keep your employees happy and in turn, improve your reputation as a company who cares about their employees. This in itself has a number of different benefits. 

Increase the awareness of your business 

There are now lots of different websites and smartphone apps that inform EV drivers of their closest charging stations and when you install EV charging points, your business will be advertised here too. Of course, this enables you to reach a whole new market and will entice people to your premises. It provides you with an edge over your competitors as well. 

Installing EV charging points at your business premises 

All in all, there is no denying that the demand for EV charging will only increase over the upcoming years and as a business owner, it is definitely worthwhile considering installing EV charging points. It is clear to see that there are a number of different advantages to doing so too and you can guarantee that it will be incredibly beneficial for your business as a whole. So, it is undeniably worth looking into further. 

If you have any questions at all about installing EV charging points at your business premises, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Vital EV Solutions. With over three decades in the power and motor industry, our engineers have extensive experience and they will gladly provide you with the additional information you require. Of course, should you wish to go ahead and install EV charging points, we can provide both AC and DC static chargers using state of the art charging equipment, so you will be in the best hands with our team.