The Dos And Don’ts Of Using Public Rapid EV Charging Stations

As an electric vehicle (EV) driver, it is likely that even if you have your own charging station at home, which is always recommended, you will still need to use public charging stations whilst you’re out and about. Thankfully, there are many different places in the UK, such as public car parks and service stations, that now offer rapid charging to EV drivers, so you will never struggle to find somewhere to charge your car. 

As you’re probably aware, rapid EV chargers are the fastest way to top up your battery and they are able to take your car from nearly flat to nearly full in around 30 minutes. Their charging times are incomparable and when you’re in the middle of a journey, they are the most convenient option available to you. If you’re new to owning an EV and you’re just getting used to charging at home, using a public charger may make you slightly anxious. To help anyone in your situation, below is a list of ‘dos and don’ts’ when using public rapid EV charging stations.  

Dos of public charging

  • Ensure you’re aware of local charging stations

It is beneficial to know where a few different fast-charging stations are, so if you arrive somewhere and all of the stations are occupied or they’re out of order, then you have an alternative location to turn to. There are many websites and mobile apps that can help you when it comes to finding local charging stations. 

  • Know the location of your charging port 

You will find that some public rapid EV charging stations are designed to be used by multiple vehicles in different car parking spaces. When using a station like this, it is important to know the location of your charging port before you park your car. This will help you to avoid having to awkwardly place your cables in a way that may annoy other users. 

  • Tidy up after you have charged 

Whilst this may seem like common sense, it is worthwhile mentioning. When you’ve finished charging your electric car, be sure to tidy up after yourself and leave the station as you found it. It is important to look after the cables especially as if they’re left loose on the ground, they can become a hazard in numerous different ways. 

Don’ts of public charging  

  • Top up before checking the charges 

It is highly likely that every public rapid EV charging location that you visit will have different charging rates. So, to avoid any unpleasant surprises when it comes to paying for the use of the charger, ensure you always check the charges before you start topping up. This is the same way you would check the price of petrol or diesel before filling up your car. 

  • Keep your car plugged in when fully charged 

Simply put, if you’re not charging your car, don’t park in a space that is specifically designed for those who are using the charging station. This also means that if you have finished charging your car, ideally you should move to another space if you wish to stay in the car park. You will find that some charging stations are very busy, so people will be thankful if you move. 

  • Unplug another car without consent 

This is something that you should never do under any circumstances. Public rapid EV charging stations run on a first-come, first-serve basis and you will simply have to wait for a space to become available. You wouldn’t like it if someone unplugged your car whilst you were charging it, so don’t do it to someone else, even if you think their car is fully charged. 

Using a public rapid EV charging station for the first time 

Hopefully, now you know more about using this type of charge point to top up your electric car you will feel more confident to use them for the first time. Whilst each public rapid EV charging station may look different or be different brands, it is likely that they will work in a similar way and, often, they’re fairly straightforward to use. Of course, if you ever require assistance, there should be instructions on the charging station itself to help. 

If you’re searching for a company to install your home charging station for you, or if you’re the owner of a commercial premises and you’re interested in installing public EV charge points, our team here at Vital EV Solutions are the best people to contact. We have had the pleasure of designing and installing a vast range of both residential and commercial charging networks featuring stations of various charging speeds, so you can trust that we will be able to assist you further no matter what type of charging station you’re interested in.