The People That You Can Attract When You Possess An EV Charger

When you are in-charge of your own firm, understandably one of your main concerns will be working out how you can make a healthy profit month-after-month, year-after-year. There are various ways that you can approach this, with the most obvious being in relation to your business operations. However, there is also much to be said for choosing to invest in an EV charger. Having proven to be hot-commodities since their emergence, Vital EV Solutions is here to elaborate on the audiences that you can target with these units in your possession.

Lorry Drivers

Although they are perhaps not quite as common as, for instance, the Nissan Leaf, there are certain heavy-duty vehicles that have been modified so that they run solely on electricity. Transport lorries, for example, are fantastic, as with their upgraded range they can travel across the country on a single charge. If you are a business-owner that operates in a busy city, you might want to start entertaining the idea of having a charging point installed within your car park. As time goes on, more-and-more lorry drivers will see you as a viable option when they need to find a reliable EV charging station.


Despite what you may have heard, it is possible to find electric-powered buses; this is particularly true in larger cities, such as London. As you will be aware, these vehicles have strict timetables that they need to work to, and so efficiency is incredibly important. Therefore, there is an opportunity for you to capitalise on this. Whenever EV drivers take to the road, they scout out potential charge points, giving you the chance to appeal to bus drivers and their parent companies.


In case you didn’t already know, the vast-majority of car charging points, outside of those that are owned by traditional ‘petrol stations’, are situated within commercial car parks. It is true that some are located adjacent to street parking bays; however, these are not quite as safe or reliable. Within your business, you may have some employees that need to charge an electric car whilst they work – you can now fulfil this need. Instead of them resorting to home charge points, they can take advantage of the installation that you have invested in.   


As we have already touched upon, there are an increasing-number of heavy-duty vehicles that are moving away from combustion engines, in favour of electric batteries. What may have escaped your notice is that the same can be said for lighter units. Case-and-point, there are tradespeople that don’t have the means necessary to charge at home, and so will therefore be on the lookout for an alternative solution. Not only this, but they will want the cost to charge to be kept to a minimum – in scenarios such as these, you can shine through as the answer.

Our Services Explained

Are you interested in acquiring a top-of-the-range electric vehicle charger, but as-of-yet have been left empty-handed in this department? Would you like to enlist the help of a firm that is proficient in providing electric car charger installation services? Whether you need an installation at home, or you are looking to purchase a unit for commercial reasons, one thing is for certain. 

When you solicit the services of Vital EV Solutions, the outcome will be second-to-none from a quality perspective. You will undoubtedly be thrilled to learn that if you wish to make-use of any of the products within our catalogue, you can get the ball rolling with ease – all that we require is your personal information, which can be submitted to us at [email protected]