What Are The Different Types Of Electric Car Charger Installations?

It is understandable that you may be under the impression that, in terms of electric cars, there is a single type of charger that can be purchased. If, however, you are thinking of buying one of these vehicles, you should be aware of the wide array of possibilities that you can choose from. This is not only to bolster your own convenience – it may be that it improves your business opportunities. Why not take a look at the list below, compiled by Vital EV Solutions, which elaborates on these particular options?

Commercial Points

Without a doubt the most popular type of electric car charging point, it is not difficult to see why business installations have seen their stock soar. If you are part of an organisation that wants to improve the public’s perception of them, whilst simultaneously wishing to generate a supplementary source of income, investing in getting a charging point installed offers the perfect solution. EV drivers will flock to these, as the cost of charging is significantly reduced, and you are able to demonstrate that you are an advocate of sustainable practices. 

Residential Options

If you have bought a car which runs solely on electricity, the chances are that you will want to be able to charge your car from your domestic residency. The convenience that this provides, after all, is likely to have been one of the deciding factors in your purchase. Thanks to the OLEV grant, this can now be made a reality with ease. Home charge-points ensure that full-charges can be achieved in a matter of hours, at a cost which is drastically lower than traditional refuelling methods.

Mobile Possibilities

These are certainly the most recent innovation with the EV charging market; however, there is no denying the importance of mobile pop-up stations. Should the majority of your business be conducted on the road, it is vital that you are able to appeal to a diverse audience. Though you may not realise it, having the equipment necessary to charge an electric car could be the difference between success and failure. With this, you can advertise accordingly, and ensure that individuals that own electric vehicles have the peace of mind that they won’t be forced to hunt for an adequate electricity supply and charging cable.

How can we help you? 

Should any of the aforementioned installations catch your eye, you will undoubtedly be thrilled to learn that, in Vital EV Solutions, you have a company which can offer you first-class assistance. The products that we have engineers and manufactured are nothing short of exceptional quality-wise. This is evidenced by the fact that they have been deployed at such prestigious occasions as the Olympics, as well as the Glastonbury Festival. We hope that these provide you with the confidence necessary to invest in our wares.

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When it comes to sourcing a company which is just as accomplished at supplying and installing smart chargers at home, as they are at fitting multiple installations at a corporate complex, it is hard to look past Vital EV Solutions as being the best firm for the job. Few others, for instance, could draw upon more than thirty years of experience in the power industry, and this is something that has allowed us to amass a wealth of specialist knowledge. 

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