What Makes The BMW i8 A Leading Electric Vehicle?

If you have already managed to complete some preliminary research, it may have come to your attention that the stock of the BMW i8 is beginning to soar, and this is a trend which shows no-signs of slowing down. Since initially being released in 2014, there have been numerous modifications made, all of which have had a positive impact on its overall functionality. Below, the Vital EV Solutions team have taken the liberty of providing a comprehensive guide as to why you would be foolish to pass on buying one of these exceptional electric vehicles. 

Stunning Vehicle

Despite being an obvious one, there is no-reason that we shouldn’t spend a moment highlighting the fact that, on the surface, the BMW i8 is a wonderfully-attractive car. One of the main talking points surrounding electric vehicles in the past is that, although they may have been environmentally friendly, there were major shortcomings in the visual department. Evidently, the designers at BMW have taken note of this, and have sought to become one of the first car manufacturers, aside from Tesla, that can create a beautiful chassis to accompany the well-designed electric motor.

Excellent Range

In one of the few similarities with vehicles that are powered by internal-combustion engines, the range is dependent on the speed at which you decide to drive. If, however, you were to be sensible, you would have the opportunity to travel more than three hundred miles before needing to charge your BMW i8 once again. In essence, this means that you won’t have to overly concern yourself with frantically searching for a charging station. You can be rest-assured that as time goes on, you will be incredibly thankful for this fact.   

Fantastic Acceleration

For those of you that enjoy taking full-advantage of the open-road, and like to drive a car that will get the adrenaline pumping through your veins, there is no-doubt about it – you need to go out of your way to buy a BMW i8. With the potential to reach sixty miles per hour in under five seconds, this will not disappoint you from a speed standpoint. Although this will mean that you will need to charge your car more-often, we are sure that you will agree that the additional money that you spend on your electrical supply will be worth it.

Upgrade Compared To Alternatives

Arguably the biggest appeal of the BMW i8 Coupe is that, when you compare it to some of the alternatives that you can opt for, it is head-and-shoulders above the rest of the competition. This, after all, was one of the first electric sports cars to enter into mainstream consciousness. Whilst there is certainly much to be said for the Tesla Roadster, this represents a cheaper option that will still bring you a significant amount of joy – it is hard to see any downsides associated with buying this particular vehicle.

We’re Here To Help

If you have seen the light, and subsequently need to engage with a company that is more-than capable of completing a BMW i8 charger installation, you have come to the right place. With charging points in abundance, Vital EV Solutions will swiftly solve any charging-related problems that you have. Electric cars are becoming more-and-more popular, and this has increased the need for charging at home capabilities. We seek to address this situation with the provision of first-class products. 

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