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With a background in developing automotive diagnostic and inspection, Autel manufactures EV charging solutions that are built to last thanks to its comprehensive R&D expertise and quality control system.

Distinguished by their large interactive displays that offer additional revenue streams in the form for interactive advertising, Autel’s range of DC chargers from Vital EV fits perfectly for any applications, especially public charging solutions.

Autel Mobile Charger

DC charging where you need it…

The 47kW Autel Mobile Charger is ideal for those needing a temporary charging proposition, for example an event or exhibition, or rapid charging in remote locations where a portable ev charger is the solution.

Autel MaxiCharger Compact

Smart and simple flexible charging…

With its compact size and the ability the wall or floor mount, the Autel Compact charger from Vital EV is a truly flexible solution and an excellent addition to any shopping centre or public charge point.

Autel MaxiCharger Fast

Up to 240kW of ultra-rapid charging…

The Autel MaxiCharger DC Fast from Vital EV offers up to 240kW of ultra-rapid charging, designed with charge point operators and businesses who have high volume charging needs in mind.

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