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Maximising EV Charger Uptime

The Importance of Aftersales Programmes for Commercial EV Fleet Charging Systems

When it comes to EV chargers’ reliability is key. The best way to ensure your EV chargers are kept at optimal charger performance is to ensure you keep up to date with maintenance at servicing.

For commercial customers and fleet managers, this is even more important to ensure there is minimal downtime and little to no disruption to your services.

At Vital EV we offer aftersales support, which includes over-the-air updates and management, meaning we usually spot any issues through our software and resolve them before they become a problem.

We are notified of any issues automatically and can access your equipment remotely to add any fixes needed. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, we have engineers across the country and our SLAs are as little as 4 hours for site attendance depending on your agreement.

What is uptime in EV Charging?

In simple terms, uptime is all about how long charging stations work. It’s the time they spend actively charging your electric vehicle or waiting for you to use them. When we promise you good uptime, it means we guarantee that our charging stations will be working reliably for a certain period.

Our white paper Maximising Charger Uptime – The Importance of Aftersales Programmes for Commercial EV Fleet Charging Systems, is available to download and read. In this paper we cover in more detail the importance of a robust maintenance and repair program for commercial fleet electric vehicle charging systems, highlighting the significance of uptime, potential consequences of downtime, and the essential components.

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