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Strategic Planning For EV Charging Points In Your Business

Determining the appropriate number of EV charging points for your business involves several important considerations:

Staff EV Usage: You will need to assess how many employees currently own electric vehicles and how many may be considering adopting them in the future. It’s crucial to futureproof your charging infrastructure as circumstances can change over time.

Car Park Size: Take into account the size of your car park as you will need to ensure that you allocate sufficient space for both electric vehicles and traditional internal combustion cars.

Proximity to Office Building: The distance of your car park to your office or building is important as if it is a considerable distance away, additional groundwork may be necessary to connect the charging points effectively.

Charging Point Placement: The placement of your Charging solutions is also important as mentioned it could be more work if they are placed a certain distance from your building and it is also important to consider accessibility for drivers with disabilities.

Government Vouchers: You may want to explore the opportunity to apply for up to 40 government vouchers, which can help you scale up the number of car charging points in the future.

By considering these factors, you can strategically plan the implementation of EV charging points that meet the present and future needs of your business and employees. At Vital EV we can take away the stress of all the planning and installation worry. Our team of experts will come out to assess your car park and talk to you about your business needs, plans for future growth and budgets. From here we can create an installation plan to suit you. Once your equipment is installed we can provide service and maintenance options to ensure your solution remains efficient and reliable.

Different Charging Solutions

Depending on your needs there are different charging models and designs for you to choose from. The Power Unit is perfect for growing fleets as it can charge multiple vehicles at the same time. You can add modules to the cabinet as your usage grows, futureproofing your solution.

Alternatively, the Station Charger is an ultra-rapid charging station that is ideal for when space and time on site is important.

The AC Satellite charger offers an enhanced charging experience for electric vehicle drivers and helps your customers with safe and secure operations, charging insights, and advertising.

Understanding EV Charging: Duration, Cost, and Compatibility

The charging duration depends on both the type of charger and the specific vehicle. Different chargers have varying charging times, ranging from 8 hours to as quick as 30 minutes for a full charge.

The cost of charging an EV depends on several factors, including the type of vehicle, the charger’s specifications (rapid chargers consume more energy than slow chargers), and your electricity tariff. On average, a full charge typically costs between £3 and £10.

You can offset these costs by offering charging services to others, such as customers of your business, allowing them to charge their vehicles while they shop.

Charging points accommodate all types of electric vehicles. They come with different socket types, typically Type 1 (with five pins) or Type 2 (with seven pins), with most newer charging points using Type 2 connectors. Electric cars come equipped with their own cables, so if there’s a compatibility issue, owners can easily swap out cables to ensure a successful charge.

You have the option to regulate access to the charging point. You can choose a charging point equipped with features such as a key or radio frequency identification (RFID) card, allowing you to restrict usage to authorised individuals only. This ensures that only approved users can utilise your charging points, preventing unauthorised access and usage.

Car Park EV Charge Point Installation Solutions

At Vital EV, we understand the growing need for accessible and efficient electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, especially in car parks catering to diverse clients, from larger organisations and local councils. Our solutions cater to the unique needs of each customer segment, ensuring integration and maximum utility.

From corporate offices to government facilities, we design and implement EV charging solutions that support sustainable transportation initiatives and align with organisational goals.

Full turnkey solutions for car park EV charge point installation offer a multitude of benefits across various settings, from multi-story car parks to business car parks and shopping centres, as well as business chains.

Our solutions cover every aspect of the EV charging installation process, from initial consultation and site assessment to design, procurement, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

Our customers benefit from a single point of contact and streamlined project management. This simplifies the process, reducing the administrative tasks and ensuring clear communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Turnkey solutions allow for tailored design approaches to suit the unique requirements of each car park setting. Whether it’s a multi-story car park, business car park, or shopping centre, the design can be optimised for factors such as space constraints, traffic flow, and user accessibility.

All our solutions are scalable, making them suitable for projects of varying sizes and complexities. Whether it’s a single-site installation or a rollout across multiple locations for a business chain, our team can adapt our solutions to meet the specific needs of each project.

We ensure compliance with relevant regulations and safety standards, providing peace of mind to customers. From electrical compliance to health and safety regulations, Vital EV take care of all necessary certifications and approvals.

After installation, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the continued reliability and performance of the EV charging infrastructure. This includes proactive monitoring, regular maintenance checks, and prompt resolution of any issues that may arise.

Business EV Charging Car Parks

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"Keeping our electric bus fleet running smoothly is paramount. Vital EV not only excels in installing EV chargers but also in the vital aspect of servicing and maintaining the charging infrastructure. Their proactive approach to regular maintenance ensures our charging stations are always in optimal condition. This reliability minimizes downtime and keeps our operations running seamlessly. The peace of mind that comes with knowing Vital EV is on top of maintenance is invaluable to our fleet management. They truly go the extra mile to keep our EV charging infrastructure in top-notch shape."


"Working in fleet management, I understand the importance of efficient and reliable EV charging infrastructure. Vital EV came through for us in a big way. Their expertise in EV charger installation is unmatched. They seamlessly integrated charging stations into our fleet depot, ensuring our electric buses are always ready to hit the road. The team's attention to detail and dedication to uptime is commendable. Vital EV is our trusted partner in electrifying our bus fleet, and I couldn't be more satisfied with their service."


"Vital EV exceeded my expectations with their exceptional service. From the moment I contacted them, I was impressed. The installation process was smooth, and the team's professionalism was evident throughout. They left no stone unturned in ensuring that our EV chargers for the business fleet was installed flawlessly. I highly recommend Vital EV for their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction."


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