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Your business needs easily scalable, user-friendly and reliable EV chargers that can be trusted to perform in all conditions across your EV fleet. We deliver EV charging solutions that are built to last and scale together with your business.


Compact & Flexible DC Charging

The Alpitronic HYC50 from Vital EV is a compact and flexible 50kW DC charger that can support parallel charging. Boasting the best-in-class efficiency of 97%, the HYC50 can charger two electric vehicles at 25kW each or charger a single vehicle at 50kW. Available as a wall-mounted charger or a standalone unit.


Modular Mid-Range Power

The Alpitronic HYC200 all-in-one charging station offers up to 200kW of modular and scalable power and is the optimal solution for charging vehicles at various locations, including highway rest areas, refuelling stations, and public charge points.


Ultra-rapid Scalable Charging

At 400kW, the new Alpitronic Hypercharger HYC400 is the most powerful charger in the Alpitronic range and offers a class-leading efficiency of 97.5% thanks to its silicon carbide (SiC) construction. Up to 3 dispensers can be specified from each charger, and the HYC400 dynamically distributes charging power to the vehicle that needs it the most – making best-use of your power supply.

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