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The Four Step Process

Whole Life Solutions

Site Survey & Design

Site Survey & Design

Our business development team will determine your current and future charging requirements while our engineers carry out a site survey to create a bespoke and future-proof charging solution.

Installation & Commissioning

Installation & Commissioning

Overseen by our project management team, our OEM-approved engineers will install and commission your chargers, and connect them to our remote monitoring software Occulus.

Repair & Maintenance

Full Life Maintenance

Regular Over-The-Air (OTA) updates and on-site maintenance to OEM standards is the key to keep your chargers charging and vehicles moving.

Service Level Agreements

Unrivalled Support

If an issue occurs, our networks team are immediately notified and will remotely access your charger to resolve the issue. If needed, we offer on-site response in as little as 4 hours.

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DC Chargers

One of the most affordable charging stations available, these models are an ideal choice for commercial or corporate use when charging electric cars. With a 24kW DC output, they can charge most electric vehicles to 80% within an hour, offering a much faster charging solution than traditional AC charging stations. Customers can select either a CCS, a CHAdeMO connector, or both. Additionally, there is an option to customise the display with the customer’s logo, enhancing brand visibility.

DC EV Charging Stations
DC EV Charging Stations

EV Charging

Direct Current (DC) fast charging stations are a game-changer for businesses aiming to integrate electric vehicle (EV) solutions into their operations. As businesses increasingly recognise the need for sustainable practices, installing DC EV chargers can provide significant advantages in terms of operational efficiency and enhancing corporate responsibility. Several benefits come to the forefront when considering installation partners like Vital EV. DC chargers are the quickest way to recharge an EV. This efficiency is crucial for businesses where vehicle uptime is critical, such as logistics and transportation.

For retail businesses, having a DC fast charger can attract EV owners who prefer to charge their vehicles while they shop, dine, or engage in other services. This can lead to increased dwell time on the premises, potentially boosting sales, and customer loyalty.

Green technologies such as DC EV charging stations can significantly enhance a company’s image. It demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers and stakeholders, and can also contribute to corporate sustainability targets.

Businesses can turn their DC EV charging stations into a new revenue stream by charging a fee. With the growth in EV ownership, the demand for fast-charging options is set to increase, making this a potentially lucrative investment.

Many regions offer incentives, including tax credits, grants, and rebates, for the installation of EV charging stations. These can reduce the initial capital expenditure and speed up the return on investment.

For companies that include or plan to include EVs in their corporate fleet or offer charging options to employees with EVs, installing DC chargers can enhance employee satisfaction and support the transition to a greener commute.

DC EV Charging for Businesses

DC EV charging stations are particularly advantageous in several key industries:

Hospitality: Hotels and other holiday venues can provide guests with the convenient option to charge their vehicles quickly, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Retail: Shopping centres and supermarkets offering fast charging facilities can benefit from longer customer visits and increased spending.

Commercial Real Estate: Office buildings and commercial parks can attract and retain high-value tenants by providing fast EV charging options as part of their amenities.

Transportation and Logistics: Businesses that rely on fleet vehicles can significantly benefit from the rapid charging capabilities of DC chargers, ensuring minimal downtime and maximising operational efficiency.

Public Sector: Government buildings and public facilities can lead by example in adopting sustainable practices by integrating DC EV charging stations.

By partnering with an experienced installer like Vital EV, businesses can ensure that their investment in DC EV charging technology is implemented efficiently and tailored to their specific needs. This not only enhances their operational capabilities but also supports broader environmental goals.

DC EV Charging Stations

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What People are Saying About Us

"Keeping our electric bus fleet running smoothly is paramount. Vital EV not only excels in installing EV chargers but also in the vital aspect of servicing and maintaining the charging infrastructure. Their proactive approach to regular maintenance ensures our charging stations are always in optimal condition. This reliability minimizes downtime and keeps our operations running seamlessly. The peace of mind that comes with knowing Vital EV is on top of maintenance is invaluable to our fleet management. They truly go the extra mile to keep our EV charging infrastructure in top-notch shape."


"Working in fleet management, I understand the importance of efficient and reliable EV charging infrastructure. Vital EV came through for us in a big way. Their expertise in EV charger installation is unmatched. They seamlessly integrated charging stations into our fleet depot, ensuring our electric buses are always ready to hit the road. The team's attention to detail and dedication to uptime is commendable. Vital EV is our trusted partner in electrifying our bus fleet, and I couldn't be more satisfied with their service."


"Vital EV exceeded my expectations with their exceptional service. From the moment I contacted them, I was impressed. The installation process was smooth, and the team's professionalism was evident throughout. They left no stone unturned in ensuring that our EV chargers for the business fleet was installed flawlessly. I highly recommend Vital EV for their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction."


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