AC Satellite Charger

Kempower's compact Satellite Charger charger design with AC capabilities

Kempower AC Satellite Charger from Vital EV is a stand-alone EV charger, for charging hybrid and fully electric vehicles. Kempower AC Satellite extends Kempower’s wide EV charging offering. There are two versions of Kempower AC Satellite, one version with two integrated charging cables with Type 2 AC charging plugs, and another with two Type 2 AC charging sockets. Both AC Satellites include an integrated, MID-approved Class B energy meter.

AC Satellite Charger

The Benefits of AC Satellite Charger

ChargEye Charge Management and Control Software

Offer an enhanced charging experience for electric vehicle drivers and help your customers with safe and secure operations, charging insights, and advertising.

Touchscreen Display with Instant Access To Charging Data

Easy-to-use, intuitive user menu on a 7” touchscreen display which includes an on-screen QR code to follow the charging status on the user’s mobile phone

Advanced Cable Management System

The AC Satellite with integrated charging cables features Kempower’s advanced, user-friendly cable support system.

Winning features

Class-leading cable handling makes the charging easier for EV drivers

The charging cable included in all Kempower fast-charging stations has a patented cable management system, preventing the cable from touching the ground. Due to the system, we can easily ensure that the cable won’t get dirty, wet or frozen which elongates the maintenance intervals and life-span. The cable is also longer than standard fast charging cables, allowing the manoeuvre of cable and the all-important charging to become effortless.

An intuitive touch screen makes the fast-charging experience easy for EV drivers

The 7” touch screen and the UI guides the EV driver through the fast-charging process. The ‘less text more graphics’ design principle enables a user experience to unfold with less hassle, simple language selection and no need for a tailored translation process.

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