Pantograph Charger

Advanced bus charging pantograph system

Kempower Pantograph Charger from Vital EV provides both automated charging sequence and fast charging of electric buses. The advanced pantograph charging system consists of Kempower Pantograph Up and Power Unit. The Pantograph Up has a contact dome in the end of a robust steel frame, and integrated charging control electronics

Pantograph Charger

The Benefits of the Kempower Pantograph

ChargEye Charge Management and Control Software

Offer an enhanced charging experience for electric vehicle drivers and help your customers with safe and secure operations, charging insights, and advertising.

High power charging with a range of voltage option

The pantograph is available in power outputs of up to 500kW and can be specified with either the C500 (150v to 1000v) or the C800 (500v to 920v) Power Units.

Flexible Design

Flexibility in designing the charging system topology with a recommended cabling distance between the Power Unit and Pantograph of up to 80 metres.

Detailed Information

Kempower Pantograph Datasheet

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