Power Unit: Advanced EV Charging Solutions for Convenient and Reliable Charging

The Kempower Power Unit provides a versatile and scalable rapid-charging solution designed for electric cars, commercial vehicles, and marine operations. It is the ideal choice for those seeking powerful EV charging options in various applications, including retail locations, event centres, and bus fleet depots.

With its modular rack-mounted structure, the Power Unit cabinet can accommodate up to 12x 50kW power modules, enabling charging power ranging from 50kW to an impressive 600kW. This means you can have up to 200kW on a single cabinet, up to 400kW on a double cabinet, and up to 600kW on a triple cabinet, providing efficient charging infrastructure for your evolving needs.

Tailored Fast Charging Solutions for Expanding Electric Vehicle Fleets

The Kempower C-Series cabinets offer individually configured fast-charging solutions perfectly suited for growing electric fleets. The modular rack-style structure allows for easy scaling as your business expands. You can specify additional power modules to increase your charging power and accommodate a greater number of Kempower Satellite Charger posts, ensuring seamless charging experiences.

Designed for Durability and User Experience

The cabinets are engineered to serve many electric vehicles and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. With a weatherproof cabinet frame and special electronics coating, they withstand harsh environments, including rain, snow, dirt, dust, and sand. Custom-designed configurations and pantograph systems provide nearly limitless possibilities for EV charging, tailored to your specific requirements.

CCS2 and CHAdeMO Charging Methods for Fast and Efficient Charging

The Kempower Power Unit supports fast charging sessions and is compatible with CCS2 and CHAdeMO charging methods, ensuring efficient charging experiences. Additionally, the system offers convenient features such as an RFID reader for authentication and a charging cable, enhancing user convenience and accessibility.

Experience the Versatility of Kempower’s EV Charging Solutions

Discover the reliability and power of Kempower’s EV charging solutions with the versatile Power Unit and its scalable power module configuration. Maximise the efficiency of your public EV charging infrastructure, meet the needs of EV drivers, and unlock seamless charging experiences. Explore Kempower’s advanced EV charging system and find the results you’re searching for today.



The chosen power electronics topology ensures that a cabinet’s capabilities can be multiplied from 50kW to 600kW, dependent on if there is a single, double or triple cabinet.


Kempower’s 50kW Power Modules are the core of all of our Power Unit cabinets. Due to the efficient storage structure of power modules, the Power Unit cabinet has a small footprint, yet is highly capable. Partnered with the Power Unit cabinets market leading redundancy, achieved due to each power module working independently, up-time is a standard the Power Unit is proud to be measured on.


Each Power Unit has a router on the control module, enabling constant communication from the cabinet to both ChargEye (Kempower’s remote management platform) and where relevant, the CPO’s back-end base via Ethernet/WiFi/4G or LTE. Each charging session can be communicated by OCPP 1.6 and 2.0 dependent on the requested standard.



The Kempower Power Unit can be furnished with a dynamic power management module that has the ability to route charging power to either a single outlet or to follow a pre-programmed charging sequence across multiple outlets. This delivers remarkable benefits to users vs any other charger power management topology; enabling the utilisation of the Power Unit’s full potential, defined by a pre-set rule on prioritisation amongst users.


Optimisation is one of the key elements of success in the EV charging market. The combination of intelligent cabinets and the ChargEye portal provides the toolset for users, and fleet managers to achieve this.


The Power Unit Cabinet requires less frequent maintenance than other chargers, thanks to Kempower’s expertise in the power electronics market, particularly in demanding environments. A powerful maintenance toolset is also available in ChargEye’s advanced-level connected service package.

Detailed Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Power Unit and how does it work?

The Power Unit is an advanced EV charging solution designed to provide convenient and reliable charging for electric vehicles. It works by efficiently converting electrical power from the grid into a compatible format for your vehicle’s battery.

What are the key features of the Power Unit?

The Power Unit has many features. It offers fast charging, smart charging technology, and a user-friendly interface. It also has built-in safety measures and is compatible with various electric vehicle models.

Can I install the Power Unit at my workplace?

Yes, the Power Unit is suitable for all commercial installations. It can be conveniently installed at your office, car park, depot, warehouse, or any other location where you require commercial EV charging infrastructure.

Is the Power Unit compatible with all electric vehicle brands?

Yes, the Power Unit is designed to be compatible with most electric vehicle brands and models. It supports standard charging protocols and connectors, ensuring broad compatibility across the EV market.

How fast does the Power Unit charge an electric vehicle?

Charging speed can differ based on several elements. These include the battery capacity of the vehicle, the charging infrastructure, and the electrical supply. However, the Power Unit is equipped with fast charging DC capabilities to minimize charging time.

Does the Power Unit offer any smart features or connectivity options?

The Power Unit has smart charging technology. You can monitor and control the charging process remotely with a mobile app or web portal. You can also access charging data and set charging schedules for added convenience.

What safety features does the Power Unit have?

The Power Unit prioritizes safety with features like overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and ground fault detection. It undergoes rigorous testing and complies with industry standards to ensure a safe charging experience.

How can I get the Power Unit installed and operational?

To get the Power Unit installed, you can contact our professional installation team at Vital EV. They will assess your requirements.

They will provide guidance. They will carry out the installation process efficiently. This will get your charging station up and running.

Are there any warranty or support options available for the Power Unit?

Yes, the Power Unit comes with a warranty period to cover any potential manufacturing defects. Additionally, Vital EV offers comprehensive customer support services to assist you with any queries or issues you may encounter.

Where can I find more information about the Power Unit and its pricing?

Visit our website for detailed information about the Power Unit, its pricing, and any other inquiries. Alternatively, contact our sales team directly. They will be happy to provide you with the necessary information and assist you further.