14 Apr 2020 Posted by Vital EV

Five Reasons Why You Should Get an Electric Vehicle

With most vehicle manufacturers producing and improving their development of electric and hybrid cars, they will soon become the most popular type of car on the road, replacing petrol and diesel vehicles. But why are electric cars so popular? And why should you get one? 

Better for the environment

Electric vehicles are far better for the environment than vehicles using fossil fuel. This primarily comes down to the fact that electric cars don’t produce any exhaust emissions, which is one of the largest causes of pollution across the globe. Local authorities are creating Clean Air Zones in cities across the UK meaning buses, delivery vehicles and cars will soon be electric giving us real clean air zones with greatly reduced pollution and noise levels. This will improve both the environment and our health.

Fuel and taxation savings

The cost of fueling vehicles with electricity is dramatically lower compared to traditional fossil fuels and with smart charging software and flexible tariffs, drivers can really maximise the benefit with pence per mile figures below 3p per mile. Add the zero road tax and zero BIK for company car users, the cost savings for EV vehicles are meaning the sales are increasing dramatically with forecasts showing we will have 3 million electric vehicles on our roads by 2025!

Public charging is becoming more popular

As the popularity of electric cars is rising, so is the number of public electric vehicle charge points. It’s estimated that there are now over 9,300 charging locations across the UK. Government and local authorities have played a vital role in ensuring electric car points are installed in convenient locations such as car parks, public streets and shopping centres as well as traditional service station forecourts and garages.

Home convenience

Most suppliers carry out home EV charging installations, enabling you to have your very own EV charger. This is not only a cheap option in the long term, it’s also very convenient as it allows you to charge your electric car at home whilst you sleep, ready for you to start the day fully charged.

More incentives are being released

There are now several incentives in place to convince us to move to electric cars. For example, Transport for London has announced that over half of hybrid and electric cars are exempt from paying the congestion charge. There are also incentives to support the cost of EV charging installations. The Government-funded grant is currently capped at £350 off the cost of purchasing and installing a home charging point – one per vehicle and up to two per household.

Thinking about making the switch?

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