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Ford E-Transit technical data

Range (WLTP): 196 miles (68kWh battery)

Electricity Running Costs (pence per mile): 5.2ppm

Rapid DC Charge: Yes

EV Type: Battery Electric Van

*Electric Cost per Mile is calculated by using a nominal cost of 15p per unit (kWh)

Ford E-Transit Charging Guide

Charging Type Charging Time Range Added Per Minute
Domestic 3-Pin Plug 38 Hours 0.08 Miles Per Minute
7.4kW Wallbox AC 9 Hours 12 Minutes 0.3 Miles Per Minute
Kempower T-Series 40kW Portable DC Charger 1 Hour 42 Minutes 1.9 Miles Per Minute
Kempower C-Series 200kW DC 20 Minutes 9.5 Miles Per Minute

All figures on based on Vital EV estimates and actual charging time can be affected by a wide range of factors, including ambient temperature, state of charge of the battery and the maximum limited charge rate of the vehicle.

Home Charging Point

For the most convenient EV charging experience, installing a home charging point is highly recommended. The Ford E-Transit can be charged using a Type 2 charging cable, compatible with most home EV chargers. When you use a dedicated EV charger at home, you can benefit from faster charging times compared to using a standard three-pin plug. Additionally, the FordPass app enables you to monitor and control your electric van’s charging status remotely.

BlueOvalTM Charge Network

The BlueOvalTM Charge Network offers Ford E-Transit owners access to a vast network of public charging points. With the FordPass app, you can locate nearby charging stations, check their availability, and initiate the charging process. Public charging points typically offer faster charging times compared to home charging, making them a convenient option when you’re on the go.

Charging Time and Ambient Temperature

Charging time for the Ford E-Transit depends on various factors, such as the charger’s power output, battery capacity, and ambient temperature. Generally, a higher power charger results in faster charging times. Keep in mind that colder ambient temperatures can slightly increase the charging time due to reduced battery efficiency.

Ford E Transit

FordPass App

The FordPass app is an essential tool for Ford E-Transit owners. It allows you to locate nearby charging stations, monitor your electric van’s charging status, and remotely control the charging process. Additionally, the app offers insights into your hybrid vehicle’s performance and driving habits, helping you optimize your electric vehicle’s efficiency.

Battery Electric vs. Plug-In Hybrid

The Ford E-Transit is a battery electric commercial vehicle, offering lower running costs and zero tailpipe emissions compared to plug-in hybrid or conventional fuel vehicles. As a fully electric van, the E-Transit relies solely on its battery pack, eliminating the need for a combustion engine and reducing maintenance costs.

Maximizing the Benefits of the Ford E-Transit: Investing in the Right EV Charging Infrastructure

The Ford E-Transit is an excellent choice for businesses seeking an eco-friendly, cost-effective commercial vehicle. With the right EV charging infrastructure, you can enjoy the benefits of this electric van to the fullest. Make sure to invest in a home charging point, familiarize yourself with the BlueOvalTM Charge Network, and use the FordPass app to optimize your EV charging experience. With these tools at your disposal, your Ford E-Transit will be a valuable addition to your fleet, helping you reduce emissions, lower running costs, and embrace a more sustainable future.

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