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Heliox provides heavy-duty and ultra-rapid charging solutions, serving e-bus and e-truckfleets, passenger vehicles, marine, port, mining, and more. Heliox’s comprehensive range consistsof the Flex (180kW and 360kW), the Rapid (50kW to 300kW) and the Ultra-Fast (450kW toMegaWatt System).

Heliox Mobile Charger

Ideal for depots, workshops and events.

The 40kW Heliox Mobile Charger’s durable yet lightweight design makes it an ideal portable ev charger solution for a range of environments. It’s tough frame was designed specifically for service and maintenance personnel. It’s easy maneuverability and the fact it connects to a standardized wall-socket makes it our easiest charger to use.

Heliox Flex Charger

The most flexible charging solution available, anywhere…

The Heliox Flex is the most versatile charging solution and available with power outputs of 180kW and 360kW. Whether you need overnight or opportunity charging, dynamic or static charging, to charge 1 vehicle or up to 3, the Heliox Flex can do it all.

Heliox Rapid Chargers

Modular and scalable power

The Heliox Rapid chargers, available as a 50kW or 150kW, consists of a power cabinet and a pedestal. The connection with the power cabinet provides flexibility and the modular design makes it easy to increase power in the future.

MegaWatt Charging System

Built to serve heavy-duty vehicles

With the Heliox Megawatt Charging System (MCS), one charger is all that’s needed to create a dynamic, multi-tiered charging solution ready for the growing eTruck market.

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