13 Oct 2021 Posted by Vital EV

Kempower T-Series from Vital EV achieves 99.6% recyclability rating

  • T-Series movable rapid charger rated 99.61% recyclable
  • Kempower aims to send zero waste to landfill by 2025
  • Vital EV is the UK distributor of Kempower rapid EV charging solutions

The Kempower T-Series mobile EV charging system has been certified at 99.6% recyclable by a leading industrial recycling provider. Distributed in the UK by Vital EV Solutions, the Kempower T-Series is a mobile EV charger that provides up to 40kW of rapid charge for all types of electric vehicles, from cars to trucks and buses.

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Kempower, the leading rapid EV charging technology provider, has set an ambitious target of reaching a 99% end of lifetime recyclability rate for all its products, including the C-Series and S-Series.

The announcement was made as part of Kempower’s first ever sustainability statement, where the company also committed to sending zero waste to landfill by 2025 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2035.

Carried out by Kuusakoski – a leading provider of industrial recycling services in Finland – the recyclability analysis found that the Kempower T-Series portable EV charger already achieves a recyclability rate of 99.61%.

Nic Rae, Managing Director of Vital EV Solutions (the UK distributor of Kempower products), commented: “People and businesses around the world are increasingly aware of the impact that we’re having on our planet and they are wanting to make a change for future generations”.

“Making the switch to electric vehicles is obviously the first step but we need to look at the bigger picture. By minimising waste and maximising recyclability, our products further reduce the impact on the environment”.

Vital EV specialises in the sales, rental, installation and service of EV (DC) fast-chargers – both portable and fixed. As part of the Vital Group of companies, Vital EV excels in all aspects of customer support by providing full turnkey power solutions and a nationwide network of engineers for 24/7 support, 365 days a year.

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