03 Jun 2020 Posted by Vital EV

Mobile EV Charging Options Vs Static EV Chargers

Once you have decided to invest in a new electric vehicle (EV) as well as choosing which make and model to purchase, you will also need to decide your fueling strategy. How to charge, where to charge, speed of charge etc. It’s more than likely you will also be investing in a charge point for your new car. 

There are a few different options. As well as choosing between slow/fast (AC) and rapid (DC) charging solutions, you also have the option of mobile or static EV chargers. If you have not heard of mobile EV chargers before and you’re wondering which would be the best choice for you, keep reading. 

What is a static EV charger?

As the name suggests, static EV chargers are permanently installed in one specific place.   Effectively, you go to the static charging station to charge your vehicle.   

You can expect to find static EV chargers installed up and down the country in car parks, service stations, work premises and in homes. They are probably the most common type of charger.

What is a mobile EV charger?

Mobile EV chargers are specially designed to be portable and are often described as ‘pop-up stations’. These types of chargers can be integrated with existing power infrastructures or be self-contained and can offer amazing flexibility especially where space is a premium e.g. inner city car dealers or for companies not wanting to permanently tie up limited parking spaces for EV vehicles only. Put simply you can bring the charger to the cars.

They are especially useful for companies/local authorities who are testing the viability of proposed permanent charger configurations or are waiting for a power supply infrastructure.

Which is the best EV charger to invest in?

Ultimately, the main difference between these two different charging solutions is that one is permanently built-in and the other isn’t. Each charger has its own benefits and sometimes the best answer could be a combination of the two! 

Vital EV will happily discuss the options and benefits to find the right tailor-made solution for you. The choices made today should be future proofed and scalable to upgrade any solution as your requirements grow. 

When searching for a company to assist you with your EV charging solutions, be sure to visit the Vital EV Solutions website. We are proud to offer both static and also mobile EV chargers to our customers and you can trust that we will have the perfect solution for everyone. Of course, if you have any questions at all about the different charging options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we will be delighted to assist further.