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Vital EV supplies Scania GB with T-Series mobile DC charger

11 November 2021

Vital EV Solutions, the appointed UK distributor for Kempower DC EV chargers, has supplied Scania GB with a T-Series portable rapid EV charger. The Kempower T-Series supplies up to 40kW of mobile rapid charging, perfectly suited for Scania’s upcoming Eurocentral dealership in Scotland.

Scania GB opted for the T800 variant, which has a higher charging voltage of 800 volts, ideal for electric truck charging. Scania’s T-Series is supplied with a single CCS port, but a dual port is also available for simultaneous charging.

T-Series 7″ Touchscreen Display with QR Code


Thanks to the low centre of gravity, lightweight design and robust wheels, the T-Series can be easily transported and its weatherproof design allows Scania to charge the electric vans outside in the yard or off-site when required.

The Swedish truck manufacturer recently introduced electric versions of both the L-Series and P-Series. With a range of up to 250 km, the Scania electric truck can operate during the whole day and still return safely to its home-depot for overnight charging. If there is a need for an extended range, the driver can fast charge the truck over a break or during natural stops in operation.

The truck is available with the option of either five, for a total of 165 kWh, or nine batteries totalling 300 kWh installed capacity. With five batteries the range is 130 km. The range is, of course, dependent on the weight, body type and topography.

Scania has invested £10m into the new Eurocentral flagship site and it will act as the regional headquarters in Scotland. Built in accordance with Scania’s global dealership template with modern workshops, parts department, office space and secure parking, it includes a number of sustainable initiatives and has been designed with future transport in mind.

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