Pantograph Charging for Electric Vehicles

Experience the convenience and efficiency of pantograph charging for your electric vehicles from Vital EV. Our advanced technology ensures a reliable and seamless charging experience while on the go.

What is Pantograph Charging

Pantograph charging is a method of charging electric vehicles (EVs) while they are on the move. It involves a device called a pantograph, which is mounted on the roof of the EV, and a charging point on the ground. The pantograph connects to the charging point and begins to charge the EV’s battery while the vehicle is still in motion. This allows EV drivers to charge their vehicles while driving on roadways that have pantograph charging infrastructure. This is a more efficient way of charging electric vehicles as it eliminates the need to stop and plug in the vehicle at a charging station.

What can Pantograph charging be used for?

Pantograph charging is a technology, currently mainly used for electric buses, that allows for rapid charge while they are on the move. This technology is being implemented at the Bexleyheath Bus Garage as part of Transport for London’s plan to convert its bus fleet to electric. With pantograph charging, buses can travel further each day without the need for frequent stops to charge. This exciting pantograph technology is an emission-free solution for public transport and allows for more efficient use of the bus fleet.

The pantograph charging technology we can deliver is ideal for Transport for London’s 20 double-decker hydrogen buses and the Enviro400 EV double-decker buses. With this technology, these buses will be able to travel further each day and provide the same service that Londoners rely on without increasing the number of buses or investing in other routes.

Opportunity charging is a key component of pantograph charging, which allows the bus to charge quickly at various points along the bus route. This is vital for Londoners as it ensures that the bus fleet is able to deliver the same service they rely on without increasing the number of buses and investing in other routes.

Overall, pantograph charging is a cutting-edge technology that allows electric buses to charge while they are on the move, providing a sustainable, efficient and reliable public transport solution.

Benefits of Pantograph Charging

Pantograph charging offers several advantages for electric vehicles. It allows for charging while on the move, eliminating the need to stop and plug in at charging stations. This makes it a convenient option. Additionally, pantograph charging can charge quickly and efficiently while the vehicle is in motion, which reduces the amount of time spent charging. This increases the range of the vehicle and makes it more efficient to use. Furthermore, pantograph charging can reduce downtime for vehicles by allowing them to charge while in use, which increases their availability and reduces the need for scheduled charging breaks. This can lead to cost savings for the operators of the vehicle. Additionally, pantograph charging is an emission-free solution for public transport, which helps to improve air quality and reduce the environmental impact of transportation. It can also be integrated into existing public transport infrastructure, making it a practical solution for cities and municipalities.

Pantograph Charging from Vital EV

Vital EV is excited to offer pantograph charging as a reliable and efficient charging solution for electric vehicle owners. Our advanced technology ensures a seamless charging experience while on the move. With pantograph charging, you can charge your electric vehicle while driving on roadways that have pantograph charging infrastructure.

Our pantograph charging technology allows for rapid charging and increases the range of your electric vehicle without the need for frequent stops to charge. This means you can spend more time on the road and less time charging. Our pantograph charging technology is also emission-free and an efficient solution for public transport.

At Vital EV, we understand the importance of convenience and reliability in electric vehicle charging. That’s why we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge pantograph charging technology that meets the needs of our customers. With Vital EV’s pantograph charging, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have the power you need to stay on the go. Contact us today to learn more about how our pantograph charging technology can benefit you. We can support you every step of the way from installation to service and maintenance. We also offer flexible rental solutions.

Frequently asked questions

How does pantograph charging work?

Pantograph charging involves the use of an overhead charging system that allows electric vehicles to charge while they are in motion. The vehicle is equipped with a pantograph, which is a device that extends upwards from the vehicle and makes contact with the overhead charging system. This allows for the transfer of electricity from the overhead system to the vehicle’s battery.

Is pantograph charging available for all types of electric vehicles?

Currently, pantograph charging is mainly used for electric buses, trams, and other forms of public transportation. However, it is also being developed for use in other types of electric vehicles such as cars and trucks.

How quickly can an electric vehicle charge using pantograph charging?

The charging speed of pantograph charging can vary depending on the vehicle’s battery capacity and the power of the charging system. However, pantograph charging can typically charge an electric vehicle more quickly than charging at a traditional charging station.

How does pantograph charging compare to other forms of electric vehicle charging?

Pantograph charging is a convenient and efficient option for electric vehicles, as it allows for charging while on the move. However, it may not be as widely available as other forms of charging such as plug-in charging or wireless charging.