02 Jun 2020 Posted by Vital EV

Understanding More About Smart Charging And EV Fleet Software

It is becoming much more common for businesses to change their current fleets to electric vehicles (EV) and of course, when doing so, it is essential that they have adequate space and equipment for charging these vehicles too. When deciding to swap to EVs, businesses should really consider installing their own private charging stations and when doing so you will have a few different EV charging solutions to choose from. 

When looking into these different charging solutions, you are likely to come across something called ‘smart charging’. Not many people know what this is but, it can be an incredibly effective EV charging solution for businesses. To help anyone looking to find out more about smart charging, our team here at Vital EV Solutions have put together a short, easy to understand guide covering all of the basics.

What is smart charging?

‘Smart charging’ is the name given to a charging system where EVs, charging stations and also charging operators share data. Smart charging provides charging stations with the ability to receive, understand and respond to signals sent by energy system participants, such as the national grid, to balance energy supply and demand. 

This EV charging solution is essentially designed to flatten the electricity usage peak. As more people change to EVs, more people will need to charge them and this will undoubtedly put pressure on the grid. Smart charging will help prevent overload of the grid and will help shift the peak due to EV charging away from the peak due to other consumption. 

How does smart charging work?

The smart functions in this EV charging solution will enable the charging station to do things such as reduce or increase the power of a charge to balance the system’s frequency or time the charge to take advantage of off-peak periods. Ultimately, depending on the needs of the grid at the time you’re using your EV charger, smart charging will adapt to ensure that there aren’t any issues in this regard. 

Why should businesses use smart charging?

Smart charging can benefit everyone from energy suppliers to EV users, especially those who have numerous charging stations. such as businesses. The smart functions of these EV charging solutions can not only provide grid stability to everyone relying on it, but balance power usage on site and it can also lower energy bills too. Not to mention the fact that it can have an additional positive impact on the environment as well. 

What is EV fleet software?

You can get EV fleet software that works alongside your EV charging solution to view, monitor and manage your fleet’s activity. This software will provide you with complete control over your fleet of EVs and often, EV fleet software can cover everything from charging activity of your charge points, CO2 emission improvements and vehicles charging cost per car and employee. 

Why should businesses use EV fleet software?

As the saying goes if you can measure it you can manage it. Using the right fleet software when swapping to EVs can help to make your transition much smoother. It can help make your new fleet management even easier and it provides you with a platform where you can easily monitor everything required. Often, this software can be adapted to meet your specific needs too, so there is a perfect solution available for all businesses. 

Pairing smart charging with EV fleet software

We would totally recommend to any fleet swapping your company’s current fleet to electric vehicles, it is worthwhile looking into both smart charging as well as fleet software. You can trust that both things will be greatly beneficial for all businesses and they work incredibly well together. To find out more about anything mentioned above, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional company like Vital EV Solutions

If you’re looking for a company that can design and install a range of different EV charging solutions then this is something else we can help with here at Vital EV Solutions. We work closely with businesses to ensure that they have the correct charging infrastructure in place for their EV fleet and we can provide you with both AC and DC state-of-the-art charging equipment. You can trust you’re in safe hands with our team so contact us today to find out more and how we can provide all your EV solutions.