14 Apr 2020 Posted by Vital EV

Where Am I Likely to Find an EV Charging Point in the UK?

As we see the popularity of electric vehicles (EV) rise here in the UK, you will notice EV charging points scattered around the country. Of course, in the same way a standard car owner would look for a petrol station when running low on fuel, an EV owner will look for a charging point when their battery is running low. 

It goes without saying that if you own an electric car, knowing where you can find EV charging points in the UK is incredibly beneficial and thankfully, there is no need to suffer “range anxiety” because there are many various websites and mobile apps that can provide you with a map showing their locations. If you’re new to owning an EV and you’re curious about where you might expect to find EV charging points, keep reading. 


Big named supermarkets, including Tesco and Aldi, are installing EV chargers in their car parks for customers to use whilst they shop. Over the next few years, the number of supermarket car parks with EV charging solutions will increase dramatically and we can expect to start seeing them in express car parks too. 

Shopping centres

Many large shopping centres are also adding EV chargers to their array of facilities, usually with a particular section of their car park designated to them. Whilst some shopping centres offer free charging for customers, always check for restrictions such as a maximum charging period or a required spend in-store before you plug your car in.

Public car parks

Recently, we have started to see EV charging points in normal, public car parks across the UK, especially in big city centres. 


Some large hotel brands have recognised the need for guests to be able to charge their vehicles overnight and are installing EV charging points into their car parks for guest use.   

Service stations

Many service stations are also installing charging points. You are more likely to find fast charging stations in these locations so that you do not have to wait too long for a decent top-up. 

Work car parks 

Many companies are installing EV chargers at work with some switching their business fleet to electric vehicles. The office for low emissions vehicles (OLEV) offers a workplace-charging scheme (WCS) which will reduce the installation costs by up to £350 per socket, at a maximum of 75% of the total cost of installation up to a maximum of 20 sockets.

Finding a charging point 

Thankfully, these days searching for an EV charging point when you’re out and about shouldn’t be too difficult. In fact, there are now tens of thousands of charge points across the UK in thousands of locations. 

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