15 Apr 2020 Posted by Vital EV

Why You Should Update Your Fleet To Electric In 2020

With an increase in technological advances and funding, hybrid and electric vehicles are quickly becoming the primary form of road transportation. For that reason, you shouldn’t be surprised to see many places fitting brand new EV charging stations to use in convenient locations across the country. 

Although many individuals and organisations are keen on making the switch to electric, not all businesses are sold on the idea. This is why, here at Vital EV Solutions, one of the UK’s top EV charge point installers, we have created this guide, covering everything you need to know in relation to why you should update your fleet to electric in 2020. 

Better for the environment

If you didn’t already know, electric vehicles are much better for the environment than the alternatives, such as diesel and petrol cars. Vehicle emissions are one of the primary sources of pollution.  By switching now, your whole fleet will contribute a small, but important difference in the fight against pollution.   

Positive business reputation both internally & externally

Despite the fact that not all consumers have made the switch to electric, it’s highly likely that these same consumers are still strong supporters of all things environmentally friendly.    Through communicating the update of your fleet to consumers and employees, you will gain an excellent reputation for playing your part in saving the planet both internally & externally. 

The charging network is improving

For those who are concerned about charging an electric car, fear not, the cost of installing electric car charging points has significantly decreased, enabling an increase in car charging installations in both workplaces and general car parks. The Government and private firms are working closely together to install public EV charging stations UK wide. 

Continued government incentives

You will be pleased to hear that the Government is working extensively to push incentives, schemes and policies, which are designed to persuade businesses to make the switch to electric vehicles. For example, you could benefit from receiving a £3,500 grant for specific eligible new vehicles. Electric vans are also part of the scheme, where you could receive a grant of up to £8,000.

In addition, several schemes include the cost of installing electric charging points for business. For instance, the office for low emissions vehicles (OLEV) offers a workplace-charging scheme (WCS) which will reduce the installation costs by up to £350 per socket, at a maximum of 75% of the total cost of installation up to a maximum of 20 sockets. 

Short and long-term savings

Existing EV owners report that they have saved a significant amount of money by charging their car, compared to the ever-increasing price of fuel. By switching your fleet to electric you could enjoy the same savings through your ‘business expenses’ procedures.  

Contact a qualified EV charge point installer

For those that are keen on finding out more, contact us – Vital EV Solutions.  We pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s most reputable electric vehicle charger suppliers thanks to our combination of world-class solutions and exceptional customer service. We have a qualified team with the expertise to conduct site visits so that we can suggest the most suitable and cost-effective solutions going forward. 

With rising fuel costs, government incentives and an ever-increasing range of electric vehicles now available, there has never been a better time to update your fleet to electric.