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EV Chargers for Events

EV Chargers For Events

When people attend large events one of the first considerations is how they will get to and from where the event is being held. Outdoor events like music festivals can be particularly worrisome for EV drivers and the range anxiety can creep in, especially if the event is a long drive coupled with it being in a remote location. This is the last thing people want to worry about when they are supposed to have a great time. The last thing event organisers want is for their customers to dismiss the event due to the worry of being unable to charge their EV.

Luckily, there is a solution for event organisers in the form of portable EV chargers. Having a bank of charging stations for your guests to use will decrease their range anxiety, which could be the difference between an EV driver coming to the event or not.

Portable EV Charging for Events

EV Charging for Events

Having portable EV chargers at events offers numerous benefits, contributing to the overall success and sustainability of the occasion. Take music festivals, for example. With thousands of attendees arriving in electric vehicles, portable chargers ensure they can recharge their vehicles conveniently throughout the event, reducing range anxiety and promoting eco-friendly transportation options. Similarly, at car shows, EV charging stations are provided to showcase the latest in automotive technology while accommodating electric vehicle owners. Sporting events also benefit from portable EV chargers, allowing fans to charge their vehicles while enjoying the game or race. Air shows, circuses, and drive-in cinemas can all enhance the attendee experience by offering charging facilities, attracting environmentally conscious visitors and demonstrating a commitment to green initiatives. Overall, portable EV chargers at events promote sustainability, support electric vehicle adoption, and provide essential infrastructure for attendees.

Reliable EV Charging

EV Chargers For Events

There are some chargers available on the market that are essentially a power bank for EVs. The problem with this is that they only realistically offer a very small range before running low. They are also bulky and will take up a lot of space in the EV, which eventgoers will not want, especially if they are staying for a few days and the car is packed up already. The other issue with these chargers is that they are slow. Our movable chargers are DC charging solutions designed to be used in all weather conditions. Our Autel movable charger can even be used as additional marketing or advertising streams as it comes with a 21” display.

Portable EV Charger Rental

EV Chargers For Events

As an event organiser providing the best experience throughout the event is paramount. Hiring out EV Chargers can seem like a minefield, especially if you haven’t done it before. The benefit of hiring a movable charger from Vital EV, is that we provide a bespoke solution for you and the event in question. We work with you to understand your event to provide the best possible solution for you, whether AC or DC chargers, from events that only require a few EV charger points to events that require a substantial bank. We also provide support throughout the event so that you can rest assured if any problems arise, we will be notified though our remote monitoring software, and will send an engineer to site within 4 hours for major events.

Portable EV Charging Event Solutions

EV Chargers For Events

In conclusion, addressing the transportation needs of attendees, particularly electric vehicle (EV) drivers, is crucial when organising large events. Range anxiety can be a significant concern for EV owners, especially when attending outdoor events like music festivals in remote areas. Portable EV chargers offer a solution to this issue, providing peace of mind to attendees and ensuring they can fully enjoy the event without worrying about their vehicle’s battery running out. At Vital EV, our portable chargers are designed to be reliable and efficient, offering fast charging capabilities in all weather conditions. Additionally, our rental services provide event organisers with a tailored solution, ensuring their charging needs are met throughout the event. Event organisers demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by offering portable EV charging solutions and providing essential infrastructure to support the growing number of EV drivers.

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